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Wirt & Greg vs Star & Marco
Wirt & Greg vs Star & Marco
Battle information
Release date August 5, 2015(SoundCloud)
October 5, 2015 (YouTube)
Number scrapped (originally 48)
Length 3:36
Previous Corey Riffin vs Marceline
Next Clarence vs Harvey Beaks
Other information
Actors Mr. Maplesyrup
Zack Maloney
Leafy Dubs
Rappers Wirt
Star Butterfly
Marco Diaz
Dipper Pines
Mabel Pines
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Wirt & Greg vs Star & Marco is a scrapped battle from Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons. It was originally released on SoundCloud as the 15th battle of Season 3 and 48th overall, but it was replaced by Corey Riffin vs Marceline. The battle was uploaded to YouTube. It can be watched here.


Mr. Maplesyrup as Wirt
Zack Maloney as Greg
Leafy Dubs as Star Butterfly
Fel as Marco Diaz
Frenzy as Dipper Pines
missbunniswan (never recorded) as Mabel Pines


Do you see this, Gregory? These fools want to fight, they'll need to employ
This karate kid and a princess that her different dimension castle destroyed
Marco will probably mess this up like his chances with Jackie, so just go
You think you can win against Wirt and Greg?
With butterflies and rainbows?
Trying to save the world from some midget bird, what sense does that even make?
Espeacially since one of your best friends is a dead beat horse's face
You're trash on Disney Channel, you being cancelled is surely a must
But for real, when it comes to your rapping skills, it's an F plus

(gasps) Marco, did you hear what they just said? They said we're so fantastic!
No, an F means that we'll fail, but them saying that is tragic
If they think that they must be out of their minds, we know what we're doing
Tag team, and beat their butts
With the words we be spewing!
We're so B-fly, we've been facing evil forces
But a teapot kid and teen voiced by a hairy toed freak won't be challenging
I'm an excellent dancer, so how 'bout we watch you bust a move?
You guys are worse than Tom
So find your way to improve!

You both really messed up, you'd have a better chance against Jeremy Birmbaum
Those disses were more of a disaster than after you got your wand
You're as harmless as a Butterfly, but we sting like bees
This'll have a worse ending than when Star here got Mewberty
You'll be feasting on these disses we're spitting, call us Gustav
Kick you back to Mewni, so we don't have to here Mabel Pines talk
Ruining a birthday for some greedy girl? Wow, that makes you a fool
We'll throw you Over the Garden Wall and send you to St. Olga's school

Your win is Ludocris
Since you two can't get any attention
We'll cut you with these scissors, and throw you in a new dimension
We're Stars, we're Marc-ing our territory, you'll have no hope
Hanging out with a frog?
Is tha even normal?
Uhh.... nope..
It won't take many chapters until we give these outsiders harm
I'll slap these two so hard, like I got the squid arm
Ending you shortly, like youe show
You know? the one that wasn't good
Your line were more lost than when you got lost in the woods

(Music changes and Dipper and Mable appear)

The journals don't have to mention of these adolescent twerps
Who are gullible enough to get Bea-tricked by a bird
It's not what you seem, you wanna test my intellect?
Then getting lost in the woods was in your best interest
Mabel (doesn't speak, but lyrics are shown on screen):
Let the greatest matchmaker dip in without breaking a sweater
Riding my victory like Ashima to prove you pigs aren't better
Kicking Di-ass to sock you puppets supernaturally
After we Time-Wish you away, you'll lose like your batteries
You're coming up shorter than Gideon, while we're the Fight Fighters
Who are beasts on the mic when we spit our Ciphers
Riding my victory like Ashima
To go up against the Pines
We don't need to send 3 letters back after you're drowning from our rhymes


Who won?

The poll was created at 13:48 on October 31, 2016, and so far 2 people voted.


  • In the description for the video, Matthew stated that the reasons this battle was scrapped is beacuse "1. The connection wasn't good 2. Some of the audio was bad."
  • The original audio on SoundCloud didn't feature Dipper and Mabel. It ended after Star and Marco's final verse. It was later deleted. The reason Dipper and Mabel were added to this battle is because of "Dipper being similar to Wirt and Mable being similar to Star."
  • missbunniswan, who was supposed to voice Mable, never recorded for this battle.
  • In the video, after Mabel's part begins, the screen goes black, but the subtitles are still shown.


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