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The main protagonist of Sanjay and Craig, Sanjay Patel, raps against the main protagonist of Ren and Stimpy, Ren Höek, to see who the better charracter is. I hope you like this idea.


Epic Doctor X as Ren Höek

Matthew Thomas as Sanjay Patel and Stimpy

VideoGameRapBattles as Craig


Blowin' Racks by Tristian on the Track








Ren Hoek:

It's shame time, son; I best not hear you really cry

Why don't you make some good fame and put down the fries?

Get a low voice like Stimpy, Your fanboys think I'm awesome

Your sex life is like your fame, it will never see a threesome!

My eyes may be crazy, but you're losing what I can see though!

I'm so rich off this shit, I have my own damn show!

I'm the funny character, you're a man on a stand,

Your show is so boring, I'd rather watch Grojband

You are a bit fat and slow, everything you do gets ignored,

If you're making me dragged, then I get bored!

You've walked right into your doom, spinning will take more than a duck

My show was art in your eyes? Well, I don't give a fuck!

Sanjay Patel:

Sanjay Patel here, you don't like any tea?

Winning is impossible, when rapping against me

You think you're in Heaven's Hands, up with the stars?

I'm surprised that your graphics could get me that far

I'll chop you in half, just like my mom

Even strike you with rhyme and crush you like your mom

You have Stimpy with you? I'd rather play with Craig,

Crushing your balls as I grant you a drag

You just lost the cartoon war; you have no chance in this fight

You're a mistake like those full episode copyright strikes

I've seen better graphics on games from the Fry-cade

I can put my friend Craig just on your shoulder blades

Ren Hoek:

Oh please; I bet you have R&SAPS on your TV list

Let's turn off the S&J; it's Stimpy time, bitches!


Hi Sanjay; You're about to get disappeared!

Ren and Stmipy's been on top before you just appeared

Just like Mister Noodman, you'll be cut up dead

What kind of BFF is a talking snake that doesn't eat bread?

We'll throw our anniversary in celebration of your defeat

This battle is as pointless as the smell of our defeat

Sanjay Patel:

CRAIG! Ren & Stimpy don't beat me from a bar

It's time to score some points and show these losers who we are


I'm about to slash and gash this really crazy dude's ass

The greatest Nickelodeon show while you're trying to adult blast

Just get the hell outta here or deal with Sanjay

I'll wear your ass like a hat, crush you like in Angel Bay

I've got memories with Sanjay and millions of tricks

I'm the motherfucking Craig, you're just 80's pricks!

Ren Hoek:

You have no Adult Supervision, yet you think you're a Cartoon Master?

I'll pain you down, Adult Swim and shoot my Hoek Zapper

So prepare to wither and die like the Great Deku Tree

S&C was so awful, you had to make it free

Sanjay Patel:

It was taking me a while to adopt Craig, yes

But at least I'm not trying to sell an iPhone 5s

You even said yourself, cancelled shows are eventually better

But in your case, they'll all just be bad forever





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