epic rap battle of cartoons


Vs pinkie Pie

Mikey:look who's here's the pink mule I will beating u at this rap battle cause I'm better than u at everything u think ur cool but you're a fool with my nunchucks will do the beating for me cause when I win there will be pizza your chances are over so go back to your stupid show

Pinkie,: you think u can be better than me?  I don't think so Ralph hates u because you're a idiot  I'm burning u already you suck at fighting just like naming things I rule u drool and after I win I'm throwing a party with cherry chimichanga you should flee right now before I pow u and the show is not stupid u just jealous that we have magic

Mikey: this is final I'm gonna win cause u r about u be a pin cushion I'm gonna make some pie out of u what u gonna pout about it? You're the pony version of deadpool so guess what yore more annoying than rainbow dash I just won with that line booyakasha the shows gonna need a new retard cause u just git shell shocked

Pinkie: that's it you just made me mad you think ur rad but you're not you r just not a good hero you r more like a zero and that catchphrase is just lame just like your name you're not Italian too bad youre a turtle cause I'm gonna make turtle soup you can't catch me cause you're too slow so now go back inside your shell and just for to die

Who won who's next

You decide on epic rap

Logo goes on a skate board

Epic rap battle of cartoons 

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