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  • Ratchet blaster lombax

    epic rap battle of cartoons


    Vs pinkie Pie

    Mikey:look who's here's the pink mule I will beating u at this rap battle cause I'm better than u at everything u think ur cool but you're a fool with my nunchucks will do the beating for me cause when I win there will be pizza your chances are over so go back to your stupid show

    Pinkie,: you think u can be better than me?  I don't think so Ralph hates u because you're a idiot  I'm burning u already you suck at fighting just like naming things I rule u drool and after I win I'm throwing a party with cherry chimichanga you should flee right now before I pow u and the show is not stupid u just jealous that we have magic

    Mikey: this is final I'm gonna win cause u r about u be a pin cushion I'm gonna …

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  • Ratchet blaster lombax


    August 26, 2016 by Ratchet blaster lombax
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