Excitebike vs. Fancy Pants               

                                  EPIC RAP BATTLES OF DEAN B!                             

                                   FANCY PANTS VS EXCITEBIKE!                                               

BEGIN! Excitebike: It’s Excitebike here from the 1980’s, I was created in the 20th century! 3-2-1 GO! I can say you’re an honorary foe, with a spiky afro. With my motorcycle, you goin’ to die, compared to me, you are a puny little small fry. Just call me “Michael Jackson the Cyclist Thriller”, because when it comes to rapping I’m the fucking killer!

Fancy Pants: Hold on bitch, you think your violent, well your pretty soft, all your popularity is starting to piss me off! You can’t beat me ‘cause my haircut’s all swag. How ‘bout see me show you how to treat someone actually like a douchebag. Without any hair, you might drive yourself insane, well I can feel your pain! Excitebike, you are running out of time, if you kill me it’s an eternal crime!

Excitebike: Fancy pants? More like Fancy Whore. ‘Cause I’ve been a video game since 1984! That’s right you’re an 7 year old asshole, While I’m thirty years old. You have enemies behind your tail, wait it’s only 3 spiders and a snail. My motorcycle will run over your head, blood will spread, and I’ll leave you there headless and dead.

Fancy Pants: This isn’t Grand Theft Auto V. You rode a motorcycle for most of your life. I’m the newest, you’re the pixelist. 21st century rocks, as I’m from the PC to XBOX. I’m done, against me your don’t have a chance. See ya later alligator, My name is Fancy Pants! 

                                Who Won?   Who’s Next? You Decide!                                                                                                                  EPIC RAP BATTLES OF DEAN B!

Beat by: ValentineBeatsTV

Link to beat:

Who Won?

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Who's Next?

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