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  • Dean624

    ExciteBike vs Fancy Pants

    December 31, 2013 by Dean624

                                            Excitebike vs. Fancy Pants               

                                      EPIC RAP BATTLES OF DEAN B!                             

                                       FANCY PANTS VS EXCITEBIKE!                                               

    BEGIN! Excitebike: It’s Excitebike here from the 1980’s, I was created in the 20th century! 3-2-1 GO! I can say you’re an honorary foe, with a spiky afro. With my motorcycle, you goin’ to die, compared to me, you are a puny little small fry. Just call me “Michael Jackson the Cyclist Thriller”, because when it comes to rapping I’m the fucking killer!

    Fancy Pants: Hold on bitch, you think your violent, well your pretty soft, all your popularity is starting to piss me o…

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