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Discord vs bill cipher

Epic rap battle of cartoons

ERBOCS1E12 Discord Title Card


Bill Cipher


Discord: time for the God of chaos show this pyramid freak who's boss I'll be using my rhymes to kick you out of here what's wrong Bill u seem lost how bout I kill u to help you and u will be no more u can lick my tail when i beat u your time is up so u can go back to your tomb

Bill: wow that hurted not as much in your brain your mind is small as pinkie pie's brain I'll drain the life out of u you call yourself a god? U more of a joke and here's the punchline my rhymes are more better than your skills and that's not a lie I'll be bringing u to the weirdmageddon

Discord : alright then bring it I have a brain like Einstein even soos is smarter than you I could fling u right now like a rubber band you r just a floating pyramids from Egypt you r a freak go back to gravity falls and do Gideon's bidding since you don't even have a soul to live with

Bill: u ask for it u r the freak I think u r more of a Greek god wannabe either way Im gonna slay u I could beat u in a fight and even this rap battle I won and that's just right for me and one more thing your head is more valuable than anything to me do next time I see u I suggest u run

Who won who's next

U decide on epic rap the logo turns powerful

Epic rap battle of cartoons

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