It's Deadpool vs quagmires

ERBOCS3E35 Quagmire Title Card


Deadpool. Now listen u pussy I'm the merc with the mouth and the ladies man and u have no talent here that is not fair for u u just have on family guy while I'm gonna have my movie

Quagmire: well listen I showed on screen more than u and slept with more ladies than u so I'm better adn u think u tough with that mask while under it u look like Freddy Krueger

Deadpool : ha I got better better good looks than your big nose in my way and I'm breaking u with the 4th wall and even Peter agrees with that and u have no degree only lack of balls

Quagmire : at least I'm in a show than u but u just a pussy and why don't u go make out with wolverine and just black and white and red all over and u can stick your chimichangas up your ass