Epic rap battle of cartoons 



Leonardo begin

Robin: Time for turtle stew I'm more of a respect leader than you Leo , time to play hardcore  you can't beat my awesome rhymes u can't catch up cause you're too slow I'm a partner to the best crime fighter he taught me everything he knows while your master is just  a rat like your brain is a size as one 

Leonardo: I'm a green mean fighter boy wonder you say that you're Batman's partner? More like a sidekick my team is more respective you don't even have a archenemy even Starfire think you're stupid you can't beat that your team doesn't listen to you cause you're a pain you lost this cause you got baby hands

Robin: I don't have baby hands! , You just jealous that I got a nice butt you suck at Rapping , who cares about a sword I got a cool staff ill beat up with it it's a staff meeting Ralph is tougher than u just go away cause u smell you can't beat that I might use a spell to make u disappear now crawl back to the sewers where u belong

Leonardo : you don't  got powers  

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