Anais Watterson and Bart Simpson:Zack

Gumball Watterson:Fel

Lisa Simpson:Leafy Dubs


Edited by:Fel






Lisa:Hi, I'm Lisa. I hope you lose when I put you in the end.

Your just a rabbit so what your just a rabbit who doesn't have any real friends.

My shows are already in fame

While your's is in shame

I'm ten times better than you of not having to be so boring all the time.

I really hope you come to a end with my rhymes.

It doesn't mean that this stops here now!

Go suck Gumball's dick and you better watch out for me.

At least I put you down to your end and this will teach you theres another smart one in the house

And you better start weeping to your fuckin donkey right now and let me be!

Anais:Lisa you better fucking stop it now 

You smart than me and guess what you don't freakin' know how

And you get upset when people think your lame 

My rhymes will put you in a lot of shame 

At least your show is sick I don't give a crap

You better start quit your raps

I will kick you to hell when your shows is of the air

Go cry on your freakin' mothers hair

I hope you to hell right now and start crying to your hopeless fans!

Lisa:So you think your better than me guess what I don't give a damn

So heres a cookie for you

And you better stop it and you don't know how 

And heres my brother to teach you a lesson now!

Bart:What the fuck my sister is battling against a bunny

Guess what, you'll have no money 

Because of you god damn father spent it all away

Our show is awesome and your is in the wrong way

Now lets start destroy this bunny's life so that way she'll lose this battle right now

Anais:So you brought you dumb ass brother to this too 

And you two think I"m going to lose

Guess what you'll be playing the blues

You have celeberties in your show guess what I dont even care

Well lets here it for my brother too who would like to share!

Gumball:Hi I'm Gumball, you better start putting you show to a end

At least my show doesn't end

You are sick and doesn't have a real life

And you better be killed by a giant fucking knife

Our show has a better ways than yours and but anyhow

Better start burning because my rhymes really killed you

So lets end their lifes so they start weeping and fail this to us now



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