The Grinch vs Frosty the Snowman. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Christmas Special

The Grinch vs Frosty the Snowman. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Christmas Special.




Frenzy as Frosty the Snowman

Stofferex as The Grinch

Zander Peers, SkeepTieel, Leannaire, and Vincent Otake as Intro singers

Matthew Thomas and Frenzy as outro singers 







Frosty the Snowman:

Hello there Grinch, as you know, with kids, I really like to play

But in this battle, for you, it won't be a very happy birthday

So get ready for a snowball fight, I got friends on my back

The only one that has your back is the dog you abuse, Max

Don't you dare try to steal the win from this happy jolly soul, 'cause if you do

I'll have no choice but drop these hard bags of coal on top of you

Your chance to win is like your heart, 2 sizes too small

So learn to respect the Who's of Whoville, they cause no trouble afterall 

The Grinch:

All the noise, noise, noise coming from your mouth, it's so annoyingI

actually thought my opponent could have good rhymes, but their disappointing

All these kids playing with their toys, to me, it's just poison

Better call me Summer Wheeze, just watch, you will be boiling

From these lyrical criminal disses much better than a Christmas miracle

Yours are pitiful and unbearable, even for a snowman that's so spherical

Now let's make a new story, it's called How the Grinch Defeated Frosty

After that is done, I'll be on a mission to steal trees and dollies 

Frosty the Snowman:

Wait a minute Grinchy, I don't remember this being the spirit of Christmas

No reason to be on the naughty list, you could just celebrate with all the kids

I recommend a Dr. Seuss who can recover your heart so tiny

Time to Carrey out this sellout with the lines I got so mighty 

The Grinch:

What did you say? Sorry, I can't hear you from all these presents I'm stealing

I'm revealing that I'm beating this so called classic that won't need healing

Lemme show you the 3 reasons on why your popularity sunk

Your specials STINK, your sequel STANK, and all your rhymes straight up STUNK 

Frosty the Snowman:

Why do you gotta be a mean one Mr. Grinch? No reason to be rude

You could've act like a nice guy, but instead, you act like Scrooge!

So just look into your heart, and realize that this is just not right

and have a Merry Christmas, along with a good night! 

The Grinch:

Riding to the top, ready to wreck these presents up now

Dropping bars in this battle like how I’ll drop this sleigh like POW!

Time to hear the Who’s tears, after they saw they’ve been robbed

Wait a minute, I don’t hear any crying, why didn’t they sob?

Their just singing their Christmas song, is there something I’m missing?

Maybe Christmas doesn't come exactly from a store, I’m guessing

My goodness, what have I done? I need to give them back their gifts!

So my puny heart can go back to being 3 sizes big 

Frosty the Snowman:

That's the Christmas spirit! You’re getting better day by day!

Now all the Who's will go and have a Happy Holiday! 

The Grinch:

Sorry everyone for my rudeness, now my naughtiness can cease

But now it's time for dinner, where I will carve this roast beast 





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