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Rainbow: oh look it's the big red chicken here to lose with my flows and my speed and you gonna need luck I'm faster and better than u your names Barry? Did your mommy thought bout that dumb name oh yeah she's gone now why don't u run Back Home and cry about it

Flash : I'm stepping it up don't u talk about my mother or I'm gonna kick your pony ass all I need it speed to win this battle I'm so fast that u won't know what hit you go back to ponyville and eat Apple Jacks u wand her have in common is u both are retarded

Rainbow: u wanna play rough? Then let'splay I'm too tough For u big red I'm gonna make u black and blue instead of red and I'm gonna finish this with sonic rain boom

Flash that won't help u and here I go my flows are unstoppable with my speed I can go speed time fast and u have no skill even if it saved your life it's the end of the race and u can bite my dust

Who won who next decide

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