The cover artwork for this battle.

The only male member of The Crystal Gems, Steven Universe, raps against Robotboy's new caretaker, Tommy Turnbull.


Anthony Perry as Tommy Turnbull

Matthew Thomas as Steven Universe

Karichanx102 as Connie

Instrumental: "Voltage" by Hollywood Legend Productions








The Battle

Tommy Turnbull:

Cowabunga, dude, so let's get it bulls.

Crystal gem against the member of the Turnbulls.

I got the classical technique,

To kick this three toed freak back under the street. (Ooh)

I take this faggot and I turn him into mincehull.

You don't really wanna step to the Turnbull.

I love the ladies, I like to keep it mellow,

So let me pass the mic to my own Jello!

You have a gem in stomach, but you're gross in the middle.

Wouldn't wanna touch you with a six foot chisel.

Born in goop, raised in poop,

I slice through a group of ninjas like fruit, oops!

(Yo) I'm ready, and I came to flow,

Deemed dope by the Pope, and I boned til I croaked.

I'm an emcee Shredder, but I get the feeling,

I should pass it up to my man on the ceiling!

(Ohhh) Get out, or you'll be silent,

I have Robotboy, but I'll slay you like Goliath!

I'm a rap God, and you can't quite touch me.

This battle's your Last Judgement, trust me!

I drop science.

I got the mathematics!

The architects of Moshimo are rap addicts!

You beat the Foot, but don't go to a hen,

When you catch an American, boot to your parents!

Steven Universe:

The wisdom of my father, (Greg)

Taught me not to rush to violence,

But my father, (Greg)

Ain't here, dude! (Hee-yah)

I don't think you wanna mess with my day in May!

Get back in your floppy helicopter, fly away!

I can bebop and steady rock a mic, scam!

I'm the only male Crystal Gem!

(Ugh!) Tommy, I'm a cool but rude guy.

Put you back in school with the tip of my two sai.

Uh, Thoma-tell me who you are again, dude,

Cause I don't Gattamelata clue what you do.

Tommy Turnbull:

That's because you, Steven, are too immature.

You wouldn't know genius if it pissed in your sewer!

I got the talent, and the mind, and the rhymes so sweet,

I'm like your online game, cause i can't be beat!

Steven Universe:

Yo, go ahead and hate, i'll just skate on by.

You draw more dicks than New York Pride!

I'm Steven Universe, also on Italy!


Chowing on your tower made of pizza.

Steven Universe:

Save a slice for me!





EPIC! (burp) RAP! (glass break) BATTLES OF CARTOONS!

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