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Twilight Sparkle vs Mordecai is the first episode of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, and the first episode of season 1. It was released to YouTube on February 22, 2013, and SoundCloud.




Oh no! It's time to battle a pony
I could play video games on a TV made by Sony
So you're a pony named after a movie about vampires
Your pink friend is psycho, and the orange one is a liar
Even though I can't fly, and your blue friend can fly
I'll just cut her wings off and watch her die
And I'll turn her into burger meat, that'll teach her
For being such a douchebag and getting on my nerves

Twilight Sparkle:
Your Friendship isn't Magic, you're just so cruel
I could get my pet dragon and win this punchies duel
Calm down little bird, go back to Fluttershy
'Cause I think you got away and got high
This place is Ponyville, which means no giant birds
Princess Celestia tells you everything, 'cause you never learned
How much love can you get? I'm guessing none
'Cause your personality is just a piece of horse dung

Oh, I'm high? Said the pony who has a pink friend
That's always smoking meth and it will be the end
Of her, Sparkle? I bet that bell didn't rung
And by the end of this song, I'll just say YEAH YUH

Shining Armor:
Don't you talk to my sister like that, I could kick your butt
I wish you and your gay friend got sprayed by that skunk
How can you fight me? I'm married and you're not
The Elements of Harmony will take you away from Canterlot



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S1E1 ERBOC title card
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