Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart 2(REUPLOAD)-0

Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart 2(REUPLOAD)-0

The sequel to ERBOC's Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart was cancelled due to problems with the idea.
— SuperThingsOnCups

Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart 2 was going to be the 17th episode of Season 3 and the 50th episode overall. It was scrapped due to problems with the idea. Although it was deleted from SoundCloud, it was uploaded on YouTube by someone.

Cast Edit

Justin Buckner as Squidward's Suicide
Mat4yo as Dead Bart
Justin Buckner as Spongebob's Bootleg
Matthew Thomas as Spongecry.avi
Matthew Thomas & Stevie Smith as Max and Ruby 0004
Nathan Provost as Mr. Bear
Fel & Zack (CMRB) as The Grieving
Matthew Thomas, Anthony Perry, & Stofferex as Ed Edd n Eddy Lost Episode
Mat4yo or Froggy as Doug's Real Life
MaNCHA as Stick Stickly
Stofferex & Frenzy as Candle Cove
Frenzy as Happy Appy
Fel as Adventure Time: Catherine! Catherine!
WoodenHornets as Gregory's Room
Zack (CMRB) as Bloody GIR
Stofferex as Fluttershy's Lullaby
Kevin Krust as Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 23.5
Fel & B-Lo Lorbes as Dead Mung
Zander Peers as Timmy's Wish
HarryPotter2875 & Zack (CMRB) as Tom and Jerry Lost Cartoon
Frenzy as Sweet Apple Massacre
Stofferex as Angry Sylvester
Justin Buckner, Zack (CMRB) & Frenzy as Ahh! Real Monsters: The Final Scare
Ciaran McGinn as Return to Sender
Justin Buckner as Nightmare Ned
VinnyO as Arthur: Lost Episode
B-Lo Lorbes & Anthony Perry I Can Fix This/Never, Never
Frenzy as Little Bear and The Big Red Book
Miss4yo as The Rugrats Theory
Matthew Thomas as Lost Episodes.

(The verses that were written but never recorded is Dead Bart, 1999, Stick Stickly, Adventure Time, Gregory, Axis, Dead Mung, Tom, Sylvester, Real Monsters, and Sender. So they needed to be recorded by Matthew.

Crew Edit

Written by: Matthew Thomas, Frenzy, PaletteReviews, B-Lo Lorbes, Zack (CMRB), DH Films, Anthony Perry, VinnyO, Froggy, and Fel.

Lyrics Edit

Squidward’s Suicide:
Let’s go Bart, Squidward is ready to shine
Me battling you twice will be a waste of my time
You’re not original, that’s why you’re not going first
Your creepypasta lacked scariness, it’s got to be the worst
When my title card comes on the screen, you know you're doomed
You can’t diss me, you’re just Homer’s body with your head glued
On, You’ll be scared once I show you the 5 dead kids again
I’m gonna blow you up with disses, like how I blow on my clarinet!

Dead Bart:
Screw your clarinet playing, read my story and you’ll go insane
You blow more notes than what you did to your brain
I’ll always be killin, you’ll be dead chillin, I’ll be the villain
You’ve never stop me Squidface, in the end you’re grilling
Like a Krabby Patty, don’t stare at me, why don’t you die quiet!
In the end of this, you'll end like the credits, dead silent
Your story caused fears? Well guess what, I don’t give a fuck
Don’t cry now Squidward, come on, GIVE ME A HUG

Squidward’s Suicide:
AHH! OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES, your pasta sucks
Your family won't care when I blow your brains out and your guts
You wanna make fun of me killing myself, AHHH! I KNEW IT!
I dare you to leave this battle and never come back, JUST DO IT!
There’s no time for goodbye Bart, so I’ll just say hello
You’re even sick of self; that’s why your skin is so yellow
IT'S TIME TO DIE! See you again in hell….

Dead Bart:
Hell? HA! As if! When you blow your brains, I’ll celebrate
Cause it’s clear to see your death came as predicted on this grave!
I’m a true face of horror, don’t need stretches or blurrings
Your story is the most hated, while mine is still adoring
This little squid being scary? Now that’s just plain insane!
You think showing dead kids is okay? THIS SHIT AIN’T A FUCKING GAME!
See these names on my tombstone, you’re next on my list!
Get ready Mr. Squid, cause it’s time to get violent!

Spongebob’s Bootleg:
I’m ready, I’m ready to kick you two shittypastas
I’ll pop like how I pop my bubbles to stop this drama
Frame by frame, you two are tame compared to the horrors I got, bitch
Squidward, you’ll be blood-shot in the face, with my rhymes that can twitch
You’ll be Dumped in the trash can where those teens found me
How can you beat this bootleg, I’m the real meaning of scary
I’ll make you all commit suicide with my staticy and buzzing rhymes
Now time to bring in the real horror, Spongecry.avi!

Oh, you gonna be scared? Then watch this scary .avi
Don’t be mean to me, you’ll make Spongebob Cry
Once you see my episode, it’ll leave your asses quivering!
When I’m done, you all will end up like Gary, dead and rotting!
I’ll rip you all up into chunks just like my red chair
It’s best you all run away now, or you’ll be in for a scare!
Squidward, stop with your stupid shit and just end your life already
Before I kill you all off, I just want you to know, this one timed action will be badly

Max & Ruby 0004

We’ll make you feel like your heart is in your throat once you see us
It’s such a shame that we need to kill you, so just hush
We made a little girl scream and almost made her heart give out
Tonight, we’ll show you what scary is all about
We’re gonna leave you dead like our mommy and daddy
Since all your creepypastas are just stupid tragedies
You're all gonna be tortured and deceased
You don’t think we’re scary? Well DEATH IS OUR ONLY RELEASE!

Mr. Bear:
This bear is aware that I'm gonna scare these "bone chillers"
I'll take you to my cellar, and show you who’s the better killer
I’m gonna eat your souls on this episode of Soup and Spoon
My rap flow is like scissors, it’s very dangerous for you
My name is Mr. Bear, bringing more fear than Freddy
I’m coming down these basement stairs, you better be ready
I’m hiding in these woods in Canada, you’re gonna get scared
‘Cause 1999 is the year where you go off the air

The Grieving

Welcome to my Amazing World, hope you’re all in for a treat
We’ll be making you cry, once you taste your bloody defeats!
Cut out all your guts, and hang them on these trees
In the end, you’ll be found dead, just like Anais!
Max and Ruby, you were only made cause you were desperate for fame!
Suicidal, depression, you're all the same
Mr. Bear, you’re not scary, so why even bother?

Ed Edd n Eddy Lost Episode

Once you see our episode, you’ll be the true chicken
I’ll eat your souls like it’s buttered toast, to make the audience sickened
We’ll swallow your heads like Johnny, beat your asses up like Jimmy
You'll be needing a dentist because it's about to get gory!
You dorks are gonna piss yourselves, when you step up to the Eds
Once you take a look at this episode, it'll lead you to your ends!
C’mon guys, let’s put an end to these creeps!
We’ll have you laying on Eddy’s floor, and let you have a good night sleep!

Doug's Real Life (NOT WRITTEN):
This is my real life,

Stick Stickly:
It’s Stick Stickly, ripping through this battle sickly, you pricks
Find my website? All you gotta do is click. I got lost episodes, you'll find 6
Hey kids, wanna play Hang stick? I'll make sure that your necks will get slit
The splinters will hurt, just for a minute, "The Winner is revealed", and you're not it
Do I gotta spell it out for you guys? When "Stick gets mad", you'll meet your demise
I've been tortured and beaten, See the X on my face? No smile, No nose, No sound, no eyes
No lie, I'll write it in bold, the segments unfold! And truth be told
With the blood on top, it's time for Stick to go. You got what you wanted. The winner is Candle Cove!

Candle Cove

Skin Taker:
Better grab a candle, ‘cause your future is about to get dark
Come a little bit closer, I’ll grind your skin apart
Pirate Percy:
You Eds aren’t ready for the type of show we’ll bring
How can you win, when the puppets are pulling the strings?
Skin Taker:
Spongebob, your bootleg is a Laughingstock, want this to stop?
I’ll slaughter you and the rest of these pastas, make the boat rock
Pirate Percy:
We’re spitting killer disses that will make you all SCREAM
Coming out your screen, We’ll now forever haunt your dreams

Happy Appy:
That’s right kids! Appy’s coming back with a rerun
Let’s talk about a tragic event, c’mon it’ll be fun!
How about a 3 minute death stare to help you all relax?
When I’m done with my verse, you’ll ALL have sticks up your ass
How sad, a little apple can get the murders done more quickly
I’ll bring you all to my van, I’ll break you in half, Stickly
Once my show comes on, you won’t be able to change the channel
All of your networks called, your shows have been cancelled

Adventure Time: Catherine! Catherine!:
What time is it? It’s time to kill you all
I’m gonna take your souls like how Zim is gonna take your dolls
Squidward, your story isn’t good, or should I say mathematical?
Bart, my rhymes will make you break, that you will fall
Rest in Peace, Max and Ruby, 1999 doesn’t scare me
Pirate Percy, you arrg dumb, just like Happy Appy
Shmowzow! This is how I’m gonna finish this off
You’ll be screaming Catherine! Catherine! once you’re fucked

Gregory’s Room:
Hello, my name is Gregory, and welcome to my room
I’m just sitting here dissing these freaks, warning their dooms
It’s just the two of us having fun, helping kids with their gloom
Appy, you're more legit than Mr. Bear’s costume
I’ll throw you in the glorious flames of the fireplace
No one can hear you, no police, no parents
Please embrace me, I need love from above
Help me, please, I need it, gReGoRy NeEdS lOvE!!!

Bloody GIR:
It’s time to get bloody, Gir is here to make you all hurt
I'm more useful than you pointless stories that look like dirt
Let's go on an easter egg hunt, you won't be able to find me
Bloody hell, I could find more scare from Stick Stickly
Don't even dare step to me, I'll eat you like a waffle
You're just disgraces that are just awful, Appy, your story is like a novel
How could you say you won, you were turkeys the whole time
You've met your doom, and you'll never ever survive

Fluttershy’s Lullaby:
You better hush now, quiet now, once I put you to sleep
This GIR is nothing, you’ll be next to die as you weep
The Crusaders were just the beginning, you’ll soon see
With your piercing screams, you’ll be another gift from Rarity
I’m the element of kindness, so there’s no way I can hate
But come with me children, your death bed awaits
You’re too late, you’re as dead as the look in my eye
Sweet dreams for your eternal rest, Good Lulla-bye

Axis Powers Hetalia Episode 23.5:
Be quiet Fluttershy, I’ll have you pass out for real
Then I'll put your organs on sticks to have a good meal
Japan and Germany will drown you, since nobody wants to hear you scream
You’ll be deceased, you freaks will have a better blood scene
than Gir popping up in Invader Zim all the time, I’ll make you fall
Nobody ever wanted you to Axist in the slightest, not at all
I’ll be staring at the light better than Happy Appy’s stupid scene
Just like me, you’ll be cooked ‘cause your disses were just weak

Dead Mung

When it comes to lost episodes, every one of you is nothin’
If you dare try to diss me, I’ll throw your asses in the oven
You all are sons of burgers, I’d like to see you all scare me
I'll bake you and serve you on a dish, these fools will be yummy
All of you will be roasted like Mung, you’re next on my menu
Cooking Fluttershy, Gir, and Axis in a bowl for some stew
I'll make you scream like an abused chipmunk, that's no surprise

Timmy's Wish:
Why you guys are fighting, gonna sit on my bed
Gonna talk to Cosmo and Wanda wishing you all were dead
Mr.Bear this isn't 1999
This is the year where all cartoons shine
I killed Francis, Trevor, and also Vicky,
I so lonely and cannot datee Trixy
I'll chop you all to death like what I did to Francis
Now I wish that you all would just get out of this!

Tom and Jerry Lost Cartoon

Time for some real horror, it’s Tom and Jerry
Are you bitches ready, ‘cause it’s about to get scary!
Take a step into the basement, where your corpses will be
We’re gonna get more violent, I’ll be laughing while you weep
We’ll have you Suffering at the end of this, leaving you a bunch of bruises
It's true that we'll stab your leg and throw you down the stairs, you're losing
I’ll stab you, then sell you, and I’ll do it all again
We’ve won this battle

Sweet Apple Massacre:
Alright, that’s enough, time to show you bitches up
Me lose to you? (nope) you know you’re all “fucked”
Happy Appy, you’ll be bucked and squashed, no doubt
I’ll rape and slaughter you all, show you what fear is about
Rip out your eyes, so you won’t see your death “cumming”
You’re locked in this cellar, no where for you foals to start running
Nopony will ever know, I’ll make sure you stay silent
Now I can forever sit in my peace and quiet

Angry Sylvester:
Sylvester is here to abuse this horse, I'm sure
Time to tear down these lights, they don't look good for this verse
Don't make me angry, or I'll make this whole scene violent
You're gonna end up like the music of my episode, dead silent
I'll bang you like a guitar string, and the blood I will taste
I'll kick your ass to Hungarian, where the short takes place
Nobody reads your stories, this gory cat will make a mess
This episode ends now, and you won't be coming up next

Ahh Real Monsters: The Final Scare:

Alright everyone, I have a mission for you all
Make the best scare that will make the world want to bawl
We're filled with mallice, no one is more gory than us
Wait Oblina, why are you throwing me in front of this bus?
*krumm gets killed*
Oblina will make you o-bleeding, everyone will be seeing
Stop it! I don't wanna die! There's not a single reason!
Gromble, I've done it, I killed them all and brought fear
That was certainly the best scare that I have ever seen in years

Return to Sender:
Hello there, we got a package from this spitting mailman
That can mail mail to many nice people, 'cause I can
But what I'll be giving to these monsters, it's full of surprises
Once they open it, they'll be weeping until the sound rises
I'll static it up, then I'll be staring at this mail
It's a true fact that Angry Sylvester is a huge fail
Now let me say something that you'll be knowing a lot
Curiosity killed the cat, and Postman Pat killed the pastas

Nightmare Ned (NOT WRITTEN):

Arthur: Lost Episode:
Shut up, you all! I'm trying to read!
These lines that I've written with the blood of my granny
You don't want to mess with me, I killed them all!
You'll scream like DW, you don't have any balls
to go up against this moose, I'll give you a bad bruise
I'll leave your dead bodies at the Sugar Bowl, you'll surely lose
I'll Buster these freaks, and it won't bother me
You all will end up like my Grandma, and I won't give you recovery!

I Can Fix This/Never, Never

You better run away now, I’m more scary than Red Mist
Fuck your asses up ‘til you're dead, with my own fists
We’ll beat you all up, we’re too disgusted to see your faces
C’mon Mordecai, it’s time we put these bitches in their places
You can’t fix this, you fucking moron! What is wrong with you all?
My rhymes will make everybody want to fal-*gets shot*
If you think you all will win, the answer is Never, Never…..

Little Bear and The Big Red Book:
Hello there, it’s just me! Little Bear!
From what’s been done, I don’t think it’s right to stare
I’ll leave you dead in a grave, just like my animators mother
Making you commit suicide, and have you dead like Mung and Chowder!
Mordecai and Rigby, You can’t fix shit, this battle won’t last long
You pussies better be scared, when I start to sing my song!
My verse is almost done, so I’ll just give you some time to run
1,2,3… Ready or not, here I come!

The Rugrats Theory (NOT WRITTEN):
Just like my friends, your victory is just imagination
This is just all in my head, none of those babies were real....

Lost Episodes(NOT WRITTEN):
Mess with me, and I'll cut you up like my tapes
I'm done with this crap, time to unplug the set


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