Dead Bart:Edit

You're dead, squid, like your music career,

(Squidward is dead in Squidward's Suicide, and his music career in Spongebob Squarepants did not go far.)

I guess you can't hear you suck cause you don't have ears

(What Bart is guessing is that he can't hear he sucks, since he does not have ears.)

You got a watermelon brain, and a dick for a nose

(Squidward's head is shaped like a watermelon brain, and people for a long time have thought that Squidward's nose resembles a penis.)

I'm gonna stomp you flat, like all your music notes

(Bart is saying that he is going to stomp Squidward flat like all of his music notes, which to note are sour.)

I bet the only reason they found you on the bed

(In Squidward's Suicide, he was laying on his bed because the croud "BOO!"ed him.)

is that you never had a bitch to blow your clarinet

(Bart is betting that the only reason that they have found him on the bed is that he never had a women blowing on his penis.)

You can't come back cause you're already dead,

(As stated before, Squidward is dead in Squidward's Suicide. Bart is saying that he can't come back because of that.)

and in the end i'll leave your easter island head beheaded

(In Spongebob Squarepants, Squidward's house has been shown to be an easter island head. Bart is saying that he will behead his house.)

Squidward's Suicide:Edit

I would practice for my concert than challenge a brat a brawl,

(In Squidward's Suicide, the crowd made rather unsettling "BOO"'s at Squidward, causing him to commit suicide.)

I can break a window from a plane so you can fall.

(In Dead Bart, Bart breaks a window from a plane, falls and dies. Squidward is saying he can do just that.)

Nobody cares if you're dead, with your bloody corpse,

(Squidward is saying that nobody cares if he was dead with his bloody corpse.)

With the stretching and blurring making it look deformed.

(As quoted from Dead Bart, the characters could barely be made out, they were stretching and blurring, they looked like deformed shadows with random bright colors thrown on them.)

I committed suicide because i can't stand your shit,

(In Squidward's Suicide, Squidward commited suicide. He is saying that he commited suicide because he could not stand his shit.)

And Homer made a joke because he doesn't care about you bitch

(In Dead Bart, Homer Simpson made a joke about Bart's death. Squidward is saying it's because he does not care about Bart.)

The drawing hyper realistic looks fucking lame

(Squidward is saying that the drawing hyper realistic on the Dead Bart photo looks lame.)

Why do you have to fucking mess around on the fucking plane?!

(In Dead Bart, Bart messed around on the plane, and died. Squidward is asking why did he even have to mess around on it?)

Dead Bart:Edit

The way you play your clarinet, it sounds like people dying

(In Spongebob Squarepants, the way he plays his clarinet stinks to the bottomites of Bikini Bottom. Bart is saying that the way he plays it sounds like people dying.)

And the crowd from the concert had red realistic eyes.

(In Squidward's Suicide, the crowd from the concert that Squidward was playing in had hyper-realistic eyes.)

You can't rap at me cause you make no sound,

(Some people have believed that Squids do not make a sound. Although, he was meant to be an octopus.)

But you can show 5 frames of dead kids found.

(In Squidward's Suicide, they showed 5 frames of dead kids found in the lost episode of Spongebob.)

I would tell you to kill yourself, but you beat me to it

(Bart is saying that he would tell Squidward to kill himself, but alas he beat him to it.)

Your chance of winning aint your clarinet but you still blew it

(In Spongebob Squarepants, as stated before, the bottomites didn't take kindly to his clarinet skills. Bart is saying that his chance of winning is not his clarinet, yet he still blew it.)

Don't you dare stare at me for fucking 3 seconds,

(In Squidward's Suicide, Squdward stared at the audience watching with his heyper-realistic eyes for about 3 seconds. Bart is saying don't he dare do that.)

And I might've died from a fall, but your shot was more wrecking!

(In Dead Bart, Bart died from a fall on the plane and died but Squidward's shot was even more wrecking.)

Squidward's Suicide:Edit

Your mystery was found because of fucking stalking,

(Squidward is saying his mystery was found because of stalking.)

And a black screen with a download link, I won't be installing

(In Dead Bart, a black screen with a download link to the lost episode was on a website, causing multiple pop ups. Squidward is saying he won't be installing it.)

When you died, the homes were fucking abandoned,

(When Bart died in "Dead Bart", the homes were abandoned.)

You were just laying in the casket, when your corpse was stranded.

(In Dead Bart, he was laying in his casket and his corpse was stranded.)

Your family was staring at you like "THANK GOD!"

(Squidward is saying that in Dead Bart, his family was staring at him cheerfully.)

The tombstones in the ending had the deaths written on

(In Dead Bart, the tombstones in the end had the deaths written on it.)

The credits were silent and handwritten bullshit,

(In the lost Simpsons episode, the credits were silents and handwritten.)

And the dead dates were on the same date as the episode said it!

(In Dead Bart, the dead dates were on the same date.)


Ready for round two? Hehehe, let's go

(In Sonic.EXE, Sonic says "Ready for Round 2, Tom?". He also does his desorted Kefka laugh.)

I'll show you two shitpastas that you're just my hoes

(Sonic is saying he will show Squidward and Bart that they are just Sonic's hoes.)

Dicknose, you aren't scary, suicide's not exciting

(As stated before, people thought Squidward's nose looked like a dick, so he is referencing to Squidward. He is saying that suicide is not exticting.)

Just play my game if you wanna see frightening

(Sonic is saying to play his game if he wanted to see frightening, of which was Sonic.EXE.)

Bart, you're a disappointment dying without style,

(Sonic is saying that Bart was a disappointment "dying with no style (falling out of a plane)"

Motherfucker, I'll leave your wrecked ass like Kyle

(Kyle was a character in Sonic.EXE that to Sonic is "just his toy" as described in the creepypasta. Sonic is saying that he will leave him just like he did to Kyle.)

You two are comedies, your freak factor is flawed,

(Squidward's Suicide and Dead Bart were inspired from Spongebob Squarepants and The Simpsons, of which are comedies. Sonic is saying that there freak factor is flawed because of that.)

Do I have to repeat? I AM GOD

("I AM GOD." was a famous quote from the creepypasta, Sonic.EXE. Sonic is asking if he has to repeat it.)

Tails Doll:Edit

Hahaha... You'll feel trapped and dead when you enter your bed 

(Tails Doll is saying that Squidward, Bart and Sonic will feel trapped when they enter there beds.)

I'll be taking your head, all the blood will be spread

(Tails Doll is saying he will be taking there head; all the blood with be spread.)

I'm the Tails doll, and sonic.exe you will be damned,

(Tails Doll and Sonic.EXE have been going against each other in SEGA creepypastas.)

You unlocked me friend, and I'm coming back again

(Tails Doll is saying that the 3 have unlocked him in Sonic R, but he is coming back again.)

Squidward's Suicide, please kill yourself real quick,

(Tails Doll is saying to Squidward to kill himself real quick, since it took him a long time to do it.)

And Dead Bart, I hope you get pierced on a stick

(Tails Doll is saying to Bart that he hopes he gets pierced on a stick.)

I'll be pushing these faggots, with my plushy penetration,

(Tails Is saying he will push Squidward, Bart and Sonic with his "plushy (hence being a doll)" penetration.)

I hope I just made clear, this is your final destination.

(Tails Doll is hoping he just made clear that this is the 3's final destination.)

I'm as cursed as can be, I'm a haunted lord

(Tails Doll has always been a "haunted lord" to Sonic fans.)

I'll snap your back, or I'll slice you with a sword

(Tails Doll is saying that he will snap the 3's back or slice them with a sword.)

Knuckles, and Sonic R, dead by now

(In the creepypasta, Tails Doll, he killed Knuckles and his orgin comes from Sonic R.)

What you can do to make me calm, is fucking bow

(Tails Doll is saying that what they can do to make him calm is to bow.)

Two stupid cartoons, with a little change.

(Spongebob has always be considered to be stupid, and to Tails The Simpsons is as well. He is saying that they have little change.)

Like hollow eyelids, or little bites out of his face.

(Both Squidward and Bart have hollow eyelids or bites out of their face.)

And one stupid hedgehog, from a not scary game, ha

(Tails Doll is calling Sonic out for being stupid, and being from a "not scary game". He then proceeds to laugh at it.)

I'll kill you like I killed those kids, Gill and Noah

(In the creepypasta, Tails Doll,Tails killed Gill and Noah who were playing against the doll in Sonic R.)

Happy Appy:Edit

Time to watch some TV, what would you like to watch?

(Happy Appy is asking the previous rappers what type of show they would like to watch.)

A dubbed over Blue's Clues? Or a show that got banned when it got launched?

(According to the story, Happy Appy aired along with a dubbed over Blue's Clues, a very popular show on Nick Jr. Happy Appy is asking which is the better choice, in which he is saying that his own show is the best.)

I will take you to my van and get this episode unreleased,

(As the show Happy Appy's episodes progressed, he started having the children in multiple ways (example being Forenzik). One of the most notable ways was killing them in Happy's van. Happy had many episodes of his unreleased including a whole movie. Happy is saying he will kill all the other creepypasta's and get the episode of him killing them out to the public.)

Allow me to finish off this battle leaving you tortured and deceased.

(As stated above, Happy killed many kids. He is saying that he will end the battle by killing the others.)

Let me make kids entertained with my deadly smile,

(One of the most known things about Happy Appy's creepypasta is his death stare. Happy would simply just stare at the camera with an incredibly disturbing smile usually for about ten seconds. The author commonly refered this as a "death stare".)

My episodes were found, now you all are the missing files.

(The author of Happy Appy had found many of the missing episodes of Happy Appy. Most were actually types of missing files. Happy is saying that he will make the other pastas missing files due to his own episodes being found.)

I'm the king of the killing, all of you will be dead,

(Happy Appy is often referred as one of the most goriest creepypastas. Happy himself killing many characters within the show. Therefore, Happy calls himself the king of the killing and then tells the other pastas that they will die.)

But don't be scared, death's a cycle, that's natural children.

(Happy is referring to the episode eleven of the show, an episode where it predicts the natural disaster of the twin towers; 9/11. When Happy and the kids were watching the towers burn, one of the kids asks Happy what is happening. Happy then responds with "That's natural children" and then he drags the two children off, presumably to the demise.)


This is your time to pay, this is your Judgement Day

(In the Cupcakes video, the famous quote from the song being used was "This is your time to pay, this is your Judgement Day")

I have my knife sharp, are you ready to play?

(Pinkamena used a knife on Rainbow Dash to tourture her in the fanfiction, "Cupcakes". She is know asking if the previous rappers are ready to do that on them.)

Squidward, you're a loner, you can't make a smile,

(In SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward is a grump, aka angry most of the time.)

Dead Bart, you can eat my shorts cause yours are vile.

(One of Bart Simpson's most famous quotes is "Eat my shorts!". Vile means "extremely unpleasant", which also means nasty, or foul, like shorts usually are.)

Sonic.exe, you are too slow,

(Sonic's catchprase is "You're too slow!". Pinkamena is saying that Sonic.EXE is too slow.)

Tails Doll, you're my dolly, time to add a little bow.

(Even though meant to be a robot, Tails Doll is a doll. Pinkamena want's to add a bow on him.)

Happy Appy, you don't look happy, no need to cry,

(Pinkamena doesn't think Happy Appy is, well, happy. But she doesn't want him to cry over it.)

Time to make some cupcakes, so you all better get ready to DIE!

(Another quote from the song being used in the Cupcakes HD video is "Better get ready to die!". Pinkamena carves other ponies to make cupcakes, hence the name, so she want's them all to get ready to die when she makes them out of them.)


You think you're scary shit? You're taking it a step too far

(BRVR, or Brother, is asking that they think they are scary.)

For you can't grasp the true form of me, BRVR

(BRVR is Pikachu's true form.)

I'll tear all your precious souls and simulate the same

(BRVR is saying that he will tear all of the creepypastas souls.)

Hell that I went through, yet I'm not crying like your pussy-selves

(BRVR went through a lot of pain in his life.)

My master's deep inside my heart, no matter what,

(BRVR's master is somewhat in BRVR's heart.)

it makes me write my darkest thoughts, crafted by all of your blood

(In BRVR, BRVR crafted all of the Pokemon's bodies.)

I'm going to leave and hope for good rappers among us

(BRVR says that he is going to leave and hope for good rappers to take the mic.)

Even if it means I'm staying here the darkness

(As stated before, BRVR was left alone.)


Time to turn out the lights, so you can't see me killing you,

(When you turn out the lights, Poniko turns into Uboa without notice.)

Oh, you all wanted to win? Well BOO-FUCKING-HOO

(All of the previous rappers wanted to win this rap battle, but Uboa doubts it.)

Welcome to Hell, would you like to have a bike?

(Uboa is welcoming the previous rappers to the place of Satan, and asking if they would like to have a bike.)

Nah... who cares? You wouldn't even dare to like it

(But then again, they wouldn't really like it, wouldn't they?)

Get ready to be trapped, I am Poniko's true form,

(As mentioned before, when you turn out the lights, Poniko turns into Uboa.)

This is my revenge, go and flash it some more.

(Since Poniko could be interpreted as Madotsuki's emotional side, which she is locking away, bothering her (switching the lights on and off) causes Uboa to appear, giving a fright to the player. This is called Revenge. Also a reference to the light switch.)

I'm in many other games, like Me, and .flow, ah!

(Uboa is in other games like .flow and possibly a game named after himself about himself.)

Guess who the winner is, the answer is UBOA!

(Uboa is asking all the previous rappers who is the winner, in which he proceeds to say that he won.)

The Villager:Edit

Hello Neighbor! how are you? i am really fine,

i got a letter saying it's time to for you to die.

I need to get my axe, but it needs to be cleaned,

from all the villagers that i have ever meet.

I'm the animal crosser, you all are just ripoffs,

I will bury you all, if you will just stop.

I'm the best selling Nintendo game and your winner for now,

you all better evacuate cause the villager came to town!


Hello everybody! It's me Mickey Mouse,

And no one will top me, get out of my clubhouse!

Squidward's Suicide, go back to your concert,

Dead Bart, you know breaking plane windows are hazards

sonic.exe and Tails Doll are gay mates,

Apple and Horse, surrender for God's sakes.

BRVR and UBOA, what a fucking joke,

Suicidemouse.avi, the creepypasta of the most!

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