There were a bunch of scrapped ideas in Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons.

Ren & Stimpy vs Beavis & ButtheadEdit

The hint for Mabel Pines vs Catbug was Ren and Stimpy vs Beavis and Butthead, but due to terrible lyrics and unfinished audio, Matthew changed the battle to Discord vs Ice King, only to have the battle redone for Season 2. Matthew did reveal the old lyrics to the battle, however, information of the audio is unknown.

See AlsoEdit

Ren & Stimpy vs Beavis & Butthead/Old Lyrics

Goku vs Superman Edit

Epic Rap Battles of History made it, so Matthew rejected the idea.

Shaggy Rogers vs JabberjawEdit

Matthew had the idea, wrote a couple of lines, but then he passed it on.

See AlsoEdit

Scrapped Battles/Shaggy Rogers vs Jabberjaw Lyrics

Margaret vs Wendy Edit

Matthew couldn't find anyone to write it.

Grunkle Stan vs Mr. Krabs Edit

It took Matthew over a week to find someone to voice Stan.

Hank Hill vs Bob Belcher Edit

Matthew had forgotten about the idea.

Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart 2 Edit

The battle was scrapped for having bad audio, terrible lyrics, and awkward casting choices.

Wirt & Greg vs Star & Marco Edit

This battle was scrapped because the connection wasn't good, and some of the audio was bad.

Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon Edit

The battle was scrapped because the audio sounded like shit, and Matthew had a better idea to do for the finale.

Scrapped audio: Edit

Ed, Edd & Eddy vs The Three Stooges Edit

The audio was really disappointing, and the idea of The Three Stooges in a cartoon rap battle series didn't fit well.

Scrapped audio: Edit

We Bare Bears vs Fish Hooks Edit

Cartoon Made Rap Battles is now doing the battle instead.

Battles Matthew rejected with no reasonEdit

  • Batman vs Spiderman
  • Steven Universe vs Uncle Grandpa
  • Powerpuff Girls vs Cutie Mark Crusaders (remake)
  • Goku vs Aang
  • Cheese vs Fred Fred Burger
  • Mucha Lucha vs El Tigre
  • Rarity vs Rouge the Bat
  • Pinkie Pie vs Charlotte
  • DJ Pon3 vs Octavia 2
  • Morph vs Gumby
  • Jake the Dog vs Underdog
  • Bill Cipher vs Discord
  • Gogeta vs Stevonnie
  • Inside Out vs Care Bears
  • Margaret vs Penny
  • He-Man vs Lion-O
  • Popeye vs The Hulk
  • Steven Universe vs Sailor Moon
  • Shredder vs Skeletor
  • Nacho Bear vs Yogi Bear
  • Gary vs Waddles
  • South Park vs Recess


  • Shaggy Rogers vs Jabberjaw and Ren and Stimpy vs Beavis and Butthead were the only scrapped battles they had wroten lines for, with Ren and Stimpy vs Beavis and Butthead being the only one complete.
  • Matthew planned to have Homestar Runner in a battle, but the most be got was Homestar vs Spongebob Squarepants, but that was rejected considering Spongebob was already used.

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