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Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps vs Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell

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Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps vs Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell
Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps vs Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell
Battle information
Release date December 15 2016 (SoundCloud)
TBA 2017 (YouTube)
Season Season 3
Number 55
Length ???
Previous Danny Phantom vs Ben Tennyson
Next TBA
Other information
Actors Frenzy
Timber Puppers
Rappers Dudley Puppy
Kitty Katswell
Nick Wilde
Judy Hoops
Mr. Big (Cameo)
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Nick Wild & Judy Hopps vs Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell will be the fifty-fifth installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and the twenty-second installment of Season 3.


Frenzy as Dudley Puppy
GloryOfTheRainWings as Kitty Katswell
Timber Puppers as Nick Wilde
Madi2theMax as Judy Hopps
BroCheck as Mr. Big (cameo)


Hi Gee-Gee! You wanna mess with the Iron Mutt?
I’ll chew you out worse than me chewing on my butt
Like Bird Brain, we’ll verbally mess with these pedestrians
You copied our story, you might as well be the Chameleon!
Out of all our missions, you’re by far the weakest opponent
We’ll be tasting victory just like Clawhauser’s neck donuts
The #1 T.U.F.F. agent, no way you could top this
You two will meet your D.O.O.M. once you step into Petropolis

You’re in the Urban Jungle, where you two won’t have safety
So shut your Snaptrap, or you’ll be pushing Daisies
You’re just Wanna-Bees, don’t deny, it’s pretty apparent
Even if you Try Everything, I’ll still break you like Carrots
Judy reporting for duty! The first bunny cop is hopping in
On idiots whose popularity is small just like their chief is
I’m not dumb enough to get fooled by a kitten nor a pup
Got flows so cold, you could say that we’ll-
Mr. Big:
Ice ‘em!

It must be Toilet Day, ‘cause those raps were so tragic
We’ll be causing verbal havoc
So be quiet you little savage!
We’re Purr-fect Partners that’ll hurt worse than fox repellent could
Trying to win? That’s more sad than Nick's childhood!
Sure you might be cops, but we’re Super Duper Crime Busters
Rhymes like a pawpsicle, we’ll freeze these animal lacklusters
Break us like carrots? I’m sorry, but man, that’s just funny
I mean I can’t take threats from a criminal and a cute bunny

You better Hush Puppy! Never call me cute again
You’re just repeating the same stuff, just like a carrot pen
You don’t know Jack about your partner, yet you think you’re slick?
You got your job from a dog toy!
Real sneaky, Nick
Rap fast like Flash, 100 yard dash these hacks
Bell-whether or not, you two F.L.O.P.P.ed so bad
You failed your mission
‘Cause we stung like nighthowler darts
Now we’ll serve you justice, it’s called a hustle, sweetheart!


Coming Soon!'"


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


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