I'm Uzumaki Naruto,

I'm sure you've heard of me. 

My rapping is the best around, 

Better than Killer Bee. 

I climbed all the way up 

From a ninja wannabe 

To being the strongest around 

Now everyone respects me. 

I'm gonna be the Hokage, 

Acknowledged by all, 

Kneel before me or run away, 

It is only your call. 

I'll totally rule your ass, 

It will be child's play. 

I never go back on my word, 

That's my ninja way! 


Happy! Lets show this fool, 

How we roll in Fairy Tail! (Aye sir!) 

Not being able to save your friends, 

That's what we call an epic fail. 

You should not let your rival 

Beat you to the ground 

You should kiss the girl you love 

Not the other way around 

You take all your power 

From the Demon Fox, 

Can't rely on your own strength, 

I'm the one who rocks! 

All years in the Academy, 

You were dead last of the class. 

It was just by some dumb luck, 

That you actually passed. 


Don't underestimate me, 

You think that I'm a zero? 

Well then you should maybe know 

That I'm my village's hero. 

Fairy Tail? 

What gay name is that? 

But I see you fit there, 

A pink haired man with cat.

Now cower in fear 

Before my strongest justu 

Fuuton: Rasenshuriken. 

This ain't the league you're used to. 

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, 

You should rather quit. 

There are thousands of me now. 

I'll kick your ass, believe it! 


Hahaha, now I'm fired up. 

I just can't be beaten. 

You can't win against Dragon Slayer, 

You'll more likely get eaten. 

You can clone yourself? 

I can't believe my luck! 

Looks like with this skill of yours, 

I can get a cluster fuck. 

Don't joke about Fairy Tail, 

That never went well. 

All villains who felt our wrath 

Live no more to tell. 

You care for your friends? 

Roll back your childish sass. 

You weren't there for Sasuke-chan 

When Oro fucked his ass. 

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