Oh fuck no, I have to go through this piece of shit again,

(Mordecai is fairly irritated and angry that he has to rap battle Twilight Sparkle for the second time.)

Even worse, you are a ruler, and that’ll be a sin.

(At the end of Season 3 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Twilight was given the power by Princess Celestia that she was gonna be a Ruler, Mordecai isn't happy with that, and he said that it would be a sin.)

You now have wings, looks like I have cut your wings off too,

(Twilight became an Alicorn in Season 3, and was giver wings as a result. Mordecai wants to cut off the wings of her along with her horn.)

and turn you into burger meat you miserable pile of splooge.

(Some burger manufactures use horse in the meat. Mordecai claims to do that.He also calls her a waste of semen.)

more coming soon.

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