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Mat4yo Season 2
Matteo Adonis also known as Mat4yo, (born April 4th, 1996) is a singer, lyricist, voice actor, professional chiseler, video creator, rapper and YouTuber. His most famous video is a rap battle between Peewee Herman and Steve from Blue's Clues. He recurringly posts on his Soundcloud, more often than his YouTube. Matteo is open to help any aspiring creators with their projects.

Mat4yo had started YouTube in 2005 making Pokémon videos. Now, he makes a wide variety of videos including rap battles and other songs on his channel 'Mat4yo". Matteo has been writing music since the age of 10. He posts some of the songs that have never seen the light in a video on his Soundcloud account. Matteo's "Project of the Summer 2013" is a rap integrating word pairs that, when said together, represent the names of the 151 original Pokémon.

He now co-owns Epic Rap Battle Parodies with WoodenHornets and Froggy.


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Season 2Edit

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