Cast :

Ryan Mario

Mon'tavion Link


Ryan Kasten Rap Battles

Mario vs Link


It's-a-me Mario gonna take down this jerk

You'll be stomped like a goomba that's how my game works.

​​Your game is really pathetic and so stupid.

Go be in love with the only one Cupid.

You raps really sucks

You ain't having no luck.

So long sucker

Fight Dude If your battling me mother ......

Really Dude Is that the best you got?

You can't defeat bowser cuz' he's fat a lot.

You better ignore that sonic dimwit

You better go save the princess for .... 

Shut your fat self up 

You think you're very tuff huh?

You're just a ripoff of my games

There is one way that I have my fame

Don't pause this I'm not fat 

Get away from me with your green hat 

Shut up you're a crook

This battle is of the hook 

Who Won

Who's Next 

You decide 

Ryan Kasten Rap Battles

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