Catbug vs Mabel Pines. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 1

Catbug vs Mabel Pines. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 1.

Mabel Pines vs Catbug
Battle information
Release date May 17, 2013
Number 11
Length 2:23
Previous Princess Bubblegum vs Princess Celestia
Next Discord vs Ice King
Other information
Actors Matthew Thomas
Katie Glasco
Justin Buckner
Rappers Catbug
Mabel Pines
Chris Kirkman
Dipper Pines
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Mabel Pines vs Catbug is the eleventh installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and is the eleventh installment of Season 1. It was released on May 17, 2013. It features half cat half bug, Catbug, rapping against sweater maker, Mabel Pines.


Matthew Thomas as Catbug & Dipper Pines
Katie Glasco as Mabel Pines
Justin Buckner as Chris Kirkman


Hi, I'm Catbug! What's your name?
Actually, I don't care 'cause your sweaters are really lame.
I'm a Bravest Warrior, you're just a mystery hack
I'm a flying cat, so watch your back
You can't even rhyme, nothing good rhymes with Mabel
Why are you even trying when you're not even able?
Go away, and suck your brothers Smile Dip
You're like a human Pinkie Pie, you should relax and sit!

Mabel here. About to get the fly swatter
You will be terminated like John Conner
My sweaters are better than your peanut butter squares
I'm better at rapping so I don't need to swear
You're trying to hypnotize kids for them to say you're cute
I'll get the bug spray and spray you
You're just so cray-cray, you can go and die
I will stomp on you several times.

You're not a headhunter, you're just a Hand That Rocks The Mabel,
I'm a Gobblewonker, and you are disabled
When you fight fighters, you will always lose
Especially manly man 'cause he's more manly than you
My adorableness will melt your heart
I will take you're sweaters and rip them apart
You're like a gas power stick, you're making me stick
No offence, but you are a piece of *meow*

My name is Mabel, it rhymes with table,
It also rhymes with glable it also rhymes with shmable
Pack your bags and take a trip to Butt Island
You gay bug, you're making me dying
You're not a bug that sucks blood, you're just a wussy
Just take a second to realize how much you suck, you little pussy
I drained my sweat, blood, and other fluids
To beat your cat butt, and no one knew it.

Chris Kirkman:
Chris here about to kick your ass in fucking fame!
You're so unoriginal cause all your sweaters are the same!
Smile Dip? More like Shitty Dip, know what I'm saying?
This battle is most important battle I'm creatin'!

Dipper Pines:
Step away from my sister, and let me begin
Are you the gay spotting queer bitching version of Finn?
Are you accused of what you did, is really what you did?
Now go away, you fucking piece of shit!


Who Won?

The poll was created at 20:33 on October 22, 2014, and so far 35 people voted.


  • Katie's mic quality was glitchy because Matthew had to record her in a call.
  • The hint for this battle was Ren and Stimpy vs Beavis and Butthead, but due to terrible lyrics and unfinished audio, Matthew changed the battle to Discord vs Ice King, only to have the battle redone for Season 2. Matthew did reveal the old lyrics to the battle, however, information of the audio is unknown.


Coming Soon!


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