This is a partial list of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons crew in order of contributions.

No crew member, battle or character gets linked twice.



Matthew Thomas: The creator of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons.
Justin Buckner: One of the co-creators of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons.
Fel: One of the co-creators Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons.

Voice performersEdit

Season 1

Matthew Thomas: Voiced Announcer, Mordecai, Shining Armor, Dipper Pines twice, Gumball, and Darwin Watterson, Monster Krumholtz, Dan, SpongeBob SquarePants, Oishi Kawaii, Danny, Sonic the Hedgehog, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia Melody, Peter Griffin, Princess Bubblegum, Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, Catbug, Discord, Rigby, and Babs Seed.
Maggie Marcus: Voiced Twilight Sparkle, Mabel Pines, Anais Watterson, and Pinkie Pie
Edgar Bolanos: Voiced Finn Mertens (twice), Patrick Star, and Homer Simpson
Zach Schroeder: Voiced Robot DeFault, Brian Griffin, Jake the Dog, Ice King, Spike the Dragon, and Scootaloo
Evan Arehart: Voiced Peppermint Butler
WoodenHornets: Voiced Stewie Griffin
Justin Buckner: Voiced Chris Kirkman (twice), Randy Cunningham, Edd, Yakko Warner, and Oscar
Eoin Campbell-Franks: Voiced Mario and Ash Ketchum
Katie Glasco: Voiced Mabel Pines and Bea
Max Allan: Voiced Kick Buttowski
DrawingGirl4: Voiced Twilight Sparkle, Sweetie Belle, Blossom, and Misty
Kevin S: Voiced Wakko Warner
tmangamer399: Voiced Brock
MickJamesSupaFreak: Voiced Milo
Awesomepup126: Voiced Apple Bloom and Bubbles
SuperCoolGuyJoe: Voiced Buttercup
Woody: Voiced Dot Warner
ThatSwimmingFish: Voiced Eddy

Season 2

Matthew Thomas: Voiced Announcer, Mordecai, The Villager, Danny, Wander, Lloyd, The Voice, Frosty the Snowman, Doraemon, the Person calling 911 (video), Vegetables, Billy, Stimpy, and himself
DrawingGirl4: Voiced Twilight Sparkle
MickJamesSupaFreak: Voiced Casper
Froggy7771: Voiced Danny Phantom, The Grinch, and Chilly Willy
WoodenHornets: Voiced Rocket Dog, Suicidemouse.avi, Michelangelo, and Tweety Bird
VideoGameRapBattles: Brian Griffin and Squidward's Suicide
Justin Buckner: Voiced Applejack, BRVR, Chris Kirkman, Kai, Cream the Rabbit, Snoopy, and Rocko
Frenzy: Voiced Big McIntosh, George Jetson, Flapjack, Grim and Butt-head
Mat4yo: Voiced Dead Bart, Wall-E, and Lazlo
MaNCHA: Voiced Sonic.exe
MCGamingFTW: Voiced Tails Doll, Raphael, and Flippy
Max Allen: Voiced Happy Appy and Leonardo
Katie Glasco: Voiced Pinkamena Diane Pie
Brandon Lorbes: Voiced Uboa, Lois Griffin, and Ike Broflovski
Zach Schroeder: Voiced Jack Krak
Nathan Provost: Voiced Ultra Richard
Zack Maloney: Voiced Blooregard Q. Kazoo, BMO, Zane, Marge Simpson, Jerry, Luigi, and himself
Hunter Tolliver: Voiced GIR
Fel: Voiced Jay, Pikachu, Chowder, Ferb Fletcher, and himself
Dakota Wilson: Voiced Cole
Anthony Perry: Voiced Donatello, the Person calling 911 (audio), Fruits, and Phineas Flynn
Stofferex: Voiced Fluttershy, Fred Flintstone, and Beavis
Awesomepup126: Voiced Bubbles
KariChanx102: Voiced Hello Kitty and Mandy
David Hrusovsky: Voiced Nemo
SuperCoolGuyJoe: Voiced GIR
PalettePony895: Voiced Mario
Epic Doctor X: Voiced Ren Höek

Season 3

Matthew Thomas: Voiced Announcer, High Five Ghost, Steven Universe, Zach, Dipper Pines, and Peter Griffin
Brandon Lorbes: Voiced Mordecai and Glenn Quagmire
Miss4yo: Voiced Twilight Sparkle and Ms. Frizzle
KariChanx102: Voiced Pinkie Pie
Justin Buckner: Voiced Applejack, Garfield, Ickis, Alvin Seville, and Hank Hill
Zack Maloney: Voiced Rarity, Spike the Dragon, Darwin Watterson, Oblina, Rainbow Dash, and Mabel Pines
Stofferex: Voiced Fluttershy, Skips, Bugs Bunny, Yakko Warner, and Homer Simpson
PalettePony895: Voiced Rainbow Dash
Anthony Perry: Voiced Rigby, SwaySway, and Mike Wazowski
David Hrusovsky: Voiced Muscle Man
Mat4yo: Voiced Pops
Anna Chloem: Voiced Princess Celestia
WoodenHornets: Voiced Benson, Mickey Mouse, Buhdeuce, Sulley, Theodore Seville, and Randy Marsh
Frenzy: Voiced Johnny Bravo and Krumm
MaNCHA: Voiced by Captain Planet
Michael: Voiced Heathcliff
Fel: Voiced Gumball Watterson, Finn Mertens and Charlie Brown
Nico Raimont: Voiced Sonic the Hedgehog
MetalFireVA: Voiced Jake the Dog and Wakko Warner
Froggy7771: Voiced Doug Funnie
Leafy Dubs: Voiced Dot Warner
Nathan Provost: Voiced Simon Seville
MCGamingFTW: Voiced Fred Flintstone


Season 2

Matthew Thomas: Helped write S2E05, S2E07, S2E08, S2E09, S2E11, S2E12, S2E13, S2E14, S2E15, S2E16, and S2E18
Justin Buckner: Helped write S2E05, S2E09, S2E12, and S2E17
MaNCHA: Helped write S2E05
MCGamingFTW: Helped write S2E05
Mat4yo: Helped write S2E5 and S2E12
Zack Maloney: Helped write S2E08, S2E09, S2E14, S2E15, and S2E16
Fel: Helped write S2E08, S2E09, S2E17, and S2E18
Froggy7771: Helped write S2E11 and S2E12
PalettePony895: Helped write S2E13, S2E14, S2E16, and S2E17
Frenzy: Helped write S2E16 and S2E17
Brandon Lorbes: Helped write S2E16
David Hrusovsky: Helped write S2E17

Season 3

Matthew Thomas: Helped write S3E01, S3E02, S3E03, S3E04, S3E05, S3E06, S3E07, S3E08, S3E09, S3E10, and S3E11,
Brandon Lorbes: Helped write S3E01, S3E02, S3E04,
Vincent Otake: Helped write S3E01 and S3E07
MultiSuperVids: Helped write S3E01
Anthony Perry: Helped write S3E01, S3E03, S3E04, S3E05, S3E06, S3E08, and S3E09
Fel: Helped write S3E03, S3E04, S3E05, S3E07, S3E10, S3E11, and S3E13
Zack Maloney: Helped write S3E03
HyperJacob96: Helped write S3E04
Frenzy: Helped write S3E04
TeamAvatar112: Helped write S3E07
MetalFireVA: Helped write S3E07 and S3E09
Yobar: Helped write S3E07
PalettePony895: Helped write S3E08
Liam Marshall: Helped write S3E11

Beat producersEdit

Allarounda Beats: S2E07, S2E09, S2E15, S2E16, S3E02, S3E03, S3E06 and S3E07
FayaFire: S2E11
Evelution Beats: S2E13
StuntinSteveAustin: S2E14
Smoke: S2E17
Sadik Beats: S3E01 and S3E11
Mattronic Beats: S3E01
Tristan on the Track: S3E05 and S3E09
Ear 2 Tha Beat: S3E08
Kustom Beats: S3E10 and S3E13

Other castingEdit

Justin Buckner: Edited for S2E03; Made background designs and subtitles for S2E05; Partially mixed S2E13
Matthew Thomas: Edited for S2E07, S2E08, S2E11, S2E12, S3E07, S3E08, S3E09, and S3E10; Did subtitles for S2E07, S2E08, S3E02, S3E03, S3E04, S3E05, S3E06, S3E07, S3E08, S3E09, S3E10, and S3E11; Partially mixed S2E13 and mixed S2E14, S2E15, S2E16, S2E17, S3E01, S3E02, S3E03, S3E04, S3E05, S3E06, S3E07, S3E08, S3E09, S3E10, and S3E11
Anthony Perry: Did subtitles for S2E11
PalettePony895: Did subtitles for S2E12 and S2E13; Originally did subtitles for S2E14, S2E15 and S2E16
ToonPrince: Did subtitles for S2E16, S2E17, and S3E01
Zack Maloney: Suggested S3E02
Fel: Edited S3E6 and S3E11


All of the uncredited beat makers. (See List of beats)
Whoever played Stewie Griffin in S2E03 (possibly WoodenHornets)
Uncredited writer in S2E12, S2E18, S3E07, and S3E08 (credited as as "???")
Uncredited writers in S2E12, S2E14, S2E15, S3E01, S3E02, and S3E13 (usually credited as "And More!")