Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines (REBOOT)
Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines (SCRAPPED REBOOT)
Battle information
Release date March 2016 (SoundCloud only)
Season N/A
Number N/A
Length N/A
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Other information
Actors VinnyO
Rappers Finn the Human
Dipper Pines
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines was going to be the first battle of the intended Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons reboot. Matthew said that the rebooted series was cancelled beacuase of "...issues in the community or whatever". Matthew released the audio on his peronal SoundCloud account.


VinnyO as Finn the Human
Froggy as Dipper Pines


Written by Matthew Thomas, Fel, and WoodenHornets



Straight outta the Land of Ooo, you really wanna Fight Fight me?
Leave you shaken on your knees like every time you talk to Wendy!
You're supposed to be 13? Looking down on you is tiring me!
What's with you're birthmark, I'll let you figure out the irony...
I'll be too busy waking up a monstrous flow from the dead!
You'll have as much chance as winning as there is hair on your chest!
So Lamby Lamby Dance outta this, and go back to Tyrone
You can't outmatch me, you couldn't even outmatch your own clones

Out of all my years of solving mysteries, this one I'll never solve
How a stoner comedy insult to cartoons manages to evolve
Dropping atomic bombs on this inhumane mutation
You've got no chance to win according to my calculations
I'm Dipper Pines, this is Gravity Falls, defeating creatures yo could never face
While you're busy dealing with your dad's rejection in outer space
Sending 3 attacks back, leave your whiney ass flopped
How many seasons does it take for your balls to drop

Me and Jake couldn't be tighter- we're bout' to cut down this Pine
Got a tougher Cipher than Bill, rhymes that'll corrupt your mind
Try and Lich onto this diss, leave you more broken than your family was
You're losing this fight like how you lost against manliness?
Slash this kid with my sword Sev'ral Times, and you'll find
I would rather hear the paper jammed version of you rhyme
What's up Scooby? Embarassed because you're not what you seem?
Flip you the Dipper, you won't be solving any more mysteries

I would expect more from you, that was lazier than your writers
Where do you keep those crappy lines? Packed up in your splattered diaper?
Your show's hanging on a thread, chop it and your arm off again!
One to talk about embarrassment- you wear a condom on your head
You gender bending slendy wench, you better cry and run
As you'll never please your parent and never bite outta Bubblegum
Your run is done! You should be gleeful that you're still intact
The case of who the victor was, has just been cracked


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