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Dipper PinesEdit

It’s time to solve a mystery of your noodle arms!

(Dipper is Known in the show for solving mysteries of all kinds in Gravity Falls, Finn's animation in his show is known to have "Noodle Arms" because of the way his arms move in the show. Ironically, Dipper has said himself that he has "Noodle Arms" in the episode, "Fight Fighters".)

Are you trying to get your own brother harmed?

(Finn's brother is Jake The Dog, Finn is known in some episodes to put Jake in harm, by accident.)

Your hat looks like a bunny who’s really dumb.

(Dipper criticizes Finn's hat and that it looks like a dumb rabbit. However, Dipper is wrong, as Finn's hat looks more like a bear, unlike his genderbend Fionna, where her hat looks more like a bunny.)

My sister made a sweater for you made out of Princess Bubblegum.

(Dipper's sister Mabel, makes tons of sweaters. Dipper claim's that Mabel made a sweater for him made out of the parts of Finn's former love intrest, Princess Bubblegum.)

Adventure Time? It’s already noon!

(Dipper mentions that it's noon, and it's wordplay on the name of Finn's show, on how "Adventure Time" has already past.)

More Coming Soon.

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