ERBOC vs CMRB. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 2 finale

ERBOC vs CMRB. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 2 finale.

Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons vs Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles
Battle information
Release date June 13, 2014
Number 33
Length 7:28
Previous Beavis and Butthead vs Ren and Stimpy
Next Mordecai vs Twilight Sparkle 3 (Season 3 premiere)
Other information
Rappers Matthew Thomas
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons vs Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles (also referred to as ERBOC vs CMRB) is the thirty-third installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and is the seventeenth installment and finale of Season 2. It was released on June 13, 2014. It features the creator of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles, Zack battling against the creator of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, Matthew Thomas.

Cast and creditsEdit

Matthew Thomas as himself
Zack as himself
Fel as himself
WoodenHornets as himself (non-speaking cameo in the video)

Written by Matthew, Zack, and Fel
Edited, mixed, and subtitles by Matthew


Before you call me a ripoff, all I want to say is that
You’re gonna break the floor once you step in, and get a heart attack
Do us a favor, stop shouting at your mic and grab your inhaler!
Cause I got stretch like 4 arms, you got the body of Chowder!
You're a disgrace to Cartoon Network, stop ruining cartoons
I’m about to take down you and your whole squeaker crew
Coming in like fruit and vegetables, you better be afraid
Because I’m gonna kick your ass, the Epic Cartoon Made way!

Looks like we got some company, now where did he go?
Oh! He’s the same size as my toes, and his series really blows
I can’t believe I’m going up against a kid who ripped off my series
If you don’t surrender, I’ll get my claws out like Tom & Jerry
You started with a gun, now you’re going up against me
At least I’m not a blonde psychopath series taking copy
I never saw so many shitty battles, ‘til I clicked on your URL
Now go cry in the corner, time to hear some words from Fel

You kidding me fat cheeks, are you rapping or having an asthma attack?
Because judging by your old battles, an actual talents what you lack.
In fact, I take that back, you must be very talented at eating food.
All of your dumb Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons just include you being rude.
Stop the swearing, stop it all together, I don’t really wanna brag but
You can take all of your crappy lyrics, and learn to shut the fuck up!
Take a break from this kid. I’m sure your parents must be proud
When they hear you in your basement shouting random swears out loud!

Wow! That was so threatening! Oh my god, I’m so crying!
Now you make me wanna scratch myself until I’m done dying
You’ll be kicked out of the House of Payne, you short motherfucker
Nobody keeps Matthew down! Nobody! Remember!
You better shut your mouth up! You’re more annoying than Cheese
Since I’m the true king of the Cartoon Rap Battle parodies
You’re just like Filburt, ‘cause you’re nothing but a nerdle
By the end of this battle, you’ll be a fucking muted turtle!

I don’t need Fel to diss you out, I’m gonna do it on my own
You say that you’re 12 but you act like you’re 5 years old
Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta?; not creepy at all
SuperThingsonCups Rap Battles?; try dropping your balls
Epic Rap Battles of Candy?; Are you that fucking fat?
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons?; Try learning how to rap!
Where should I kick your ass to? I prefer... Seattle
Cancel everything, and jelly roll the fuck out of this battle

You’re just a whovian fag, that hates people that aren’t
I’m pretty sure when you cross a street, you’ll get squished by a car, and
I have more fame than you, nobody even knows what CMRB is
Just a stupid rap battle series that has terrible lyrics written by little kids
Fel, stop chomping on your crisps. Zack, stop chomping on your Lucky Charms
I’ll throw you out of my clubhouse, so get ready to be harmed
Zack, you wish you were big, but instead you’re tiny and green as
A frog, so get down on your knees and suck my Party Cannon Penis!

Don’t act like you’re big, being fat doesn’t count as being taller
When you lay on the floor you’re probably more tall than before
Your flow is fucking horrible, your lyrics are terrible
Your guest stars are 8 year olds, and your voice is just unbearable!
Kill me with your prostate? could your insults be any more poor!
I think you’re just mad because you got rejected by TheInfiniteSource
You’re always ripping off Smosh, try once at being original
If you call me short again, I’ll break you like the fourth wall!

In order to beat this kid, you need to step up your game
Because your lyrics are lame and you try to steal all my fame
Well good luck! Hockey puck and british kid with teeth bucked
You got WoodenHornets in your battle? Well I don’t give a fuck!
I’ll kick your ass, stomp on your ass, again and again
You say you’re better than me? You’re unoriginal like Ben Ten!
You lost the rap battle war, ‘cause I got dissing force
CMRB sucks ass, I would listen to TheInfiniteSource!

You know what's more crap than your raps, your first season
Wanna know why this MC will win, there’s lots of reasons!
Once I’m through with you, I’ll be sure to leave a Mark-o
Go back to your mummy, and me? I’ll be chilling making videos!
You think your series is better, you must be insane
I'm about to make Matthew Thomas the Tank Engine feel pain!
Looks like your chin dropped, unlike your ball sack
You just got popped like a balloon by the one and only Zack!

Matthew speaking:
I can’t take it anymore, this is too impossible for me to face! I guess there’s one more thing to do!
Prepare to get dissed by this 12 year old
Prepare to die by this 12 year old
Prepare to get pwned by this 12 year old
Prepare for this fast rap by this 12 year old

I get it!

(Fast rapping)
Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles
Fighting me is a hassle
Since you both fucking losers are just a bunch of assholes
Prepare to get a mouth full
You two little rascals
Just like Mario and Peach, go back to your castle
Zack, you’re just insane
In what you fucking bring
Once I finish you off, you’ll always remember my name
And Felix, what’s the deal man?
Licking the crisps off your hand
Bringing a fatality on your ass will be the end of the game
(Normal rapping)
This is your last day, last stand, goodbye
The best day in the world would be both of you to die
Zack, are you embarrassed? ‘Cause you’re hiding in your muted turtle shell
My raps bring more heat than all the times you fired Fel
I can’t believe I’m battling a midget and a crispy crisp lover
I’m the best cartoon rapper ever, second to no other
You getting more subscribers than me must be an internet hoax
This battle is over and so is season 2, THAT’S ALL FOLKS!


Uhh, hello? Um, is anyone still here? Hello?
Zack (Video only):
No one cares about you, Fel!


Who Won?

The poll was created at 23:51 on October 24, 2014, and so far 56 people voted.


  • This battle was originally Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons vs TheInfiniteSource, but TheInfiniteSource rejected.
  • This is the first battle whereas they actually use real people, but not the only battle to use a green screen.
  • Fel didn't want to be in this battle, so he had only one verse.
  • The original audio was different than the final version. In the original audio, all of Matthew's lyrics are the same, Zack's first verse has different lyrics and Fel's first verse is has the same lyrics. However, unlike the final version of the battle, Fel stays and raps alongside Zack after Mattew's second verse with different lyrics placed were Zack's verses would be.


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