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Old logo of the series.

New Logo

New logo of the series.

Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, officially shortened to ERBOC or ERBOCartoons, is a SoundCloud to YouTube web series created by Matthew Thomas. The series features cartoon figures (and once in a while video game characters that have previously had cartoons or Lost Episode creepypastas, as well as anime characters) against one another in a rap battle format.

List of episodesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Twilight Sparkle vs Mordecai
  2. Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines
  3. Gumball and Darwin vs Robot and Monster
  4. Dan vs Pinkie Pie
  5. Stewie Griffin vs Spongebob Squarepants
  6. Chris Kirkman vs Oishi Kawaii
  7. Mario vs Sonic
  8. DJ Pon3 vs Octavia
  9. Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin
  10. Princess Bubblegum vs Princess Celestia
  11. Mabel Pines vs Catbug
  12. Discord vs Ice King
  13. Randy Cunningham vs Kick Buttowski
  14. Rigby vs Spike
  15. Powerpuff Girls vs Cutie Mark Crusaders

Season 2Edit

  1. Mordecai vs Twilight Sparkle 2
  2. Casper vs Danny Phantom
  3. Rocket Dog vs Brian Griffin
  4. Big Macintosh vs Applejack
  5. Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart
  6. Jack Krak vs Danny
  7. Bloo vs Wander
  8. BMO vs GIR
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Ninjago
  10. Marge Simpson vs Lois Griffin
  11. The Grinch vs Frosty the Snowman
  12. Fluttershy vs Cream the Rabbit
  13. Rocko vs Lazlo
  14. Fred Flintstone vs George Jetson
  15. Chowder vs Flapjack
  16. Phineas and Ferb vs Billy and Mandy
  17. Beavis and Butthead vs Ren and Stimpy
  18. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons vs Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles

Season 3Edit

  1. Mordecai vs Twilight Sparkle 3
  2. Johnny Bravo vs Quagmire
  3. Captain Planet vs Ms. Frizzle
  4. Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny
  5. Garfield vs Heathcliff
  6. Gumball and Darwin vs Breadwinners
  7. Chris Griffin vs Bart Simpson
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog vs Rainbow Dash
  9. Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines 2
  10. Charlie Brown vs Doug Funnie
  11. Alvin and the Chipmunks vs Animaniacs
  12. Underdog vs Top Cat
  13. Randy Marsh vs Homer Simpson
  14. Ash Ketchum vs Taichi Kamiya
  15. Corey Riffin vs Marceline
  16. Clarence vs Harvey Beaks
  17. Drawn Together vs The Originals
  18. Connie Maheswaran vs Penny Fitzgerald
  19. Monkey D. Luffy vs Popeye
  20. Bears vs Gems
  21. Danny Phantom vs Ben Tennyson
  22. Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps vs Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell
  23. TBA
  24. TBA

Bonus BattlesEdit

  1. Luigi vs Vegetables
  2. Ahh Real Monsters vs Monsters Inc.
  3. The Grinch vs Frosty The Snowman (remastered)
  4. Clarence vs Harvey Beaks 2

Scrapped BattlesEdit

  1. Wirt & Greg vs Star & Marco
  2. Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart 2
  3. Ed Edd N' Eddy vs The Three Stooges
  4. Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines (reboot)
  5. Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon

Cancelled RebootEdit

Back in February 2015, the series was going to be rebooted. It was cancelled due to "issues in the community or whatever." The first battle was going to be a remastered version of Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines. Matthew released the audio of the battle battle on his SoundCloud.

ERBOC Logo Reboot


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Matthew,Justin,and,Fle three rappers who've contributed greatly to the growth of the series.

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