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EDX Season 2
Epic Doctor X (born April 26, 1998) is a Swedish musician, beat maker, and YouTuber . He is ERBParodies' official beat maker, but occasionally he also gets roles in battles. He often by the name EDX, but used to go by the name Chaumasaur. His channel has since been renamed YKSNØY, which is what his last name is. He uploads beats to his YouTube channel and Soundcloud page EDXBeats, and occasionally he makes rap battles of his own. Those can be found on the Soundcloud page EDXRapBattles.

EDX is a teenager who lives in Tidaholm, Sweden, and is good friends with the ERBParodies crew. He usually doesn't rap, but he is very talented with putting costumes together and creating rap beat instrumentals.


Season 2Edit


Season 2Edit


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