Donatello is a smart turtle who appears in TMNT vs Ninjago.He Rapped with Leonardo,Raphael,and Michelangelo.They were Rapping against Kai,Jay,Cole,Zane and Lloyd (also known as the golden ninja).Donatello wars a Purple Bandana,all the turtles wear a bandana,Leo wears blue,Raph wears red,and Mikey wears orange.He is in love with a high schooler named April'O Neil.But he isn't the only one who likes April.Another High Schooler named Casey Jones who mostly argues with Donnie when they see each other.Once Raphael Battled Casey to Thinking he is out of control.So they had a long battle but it was a tie to who won.So who would win? The Ninjas with Elements, or Turtles with Incredible strength?Who wins? You decide.