Discord vs Ice King
Battle information
Release date May 27, 2013
Number 12
Length 2:09
Previous Mabel Pines vs Catbug
Next Randy Cunningham vs Kick Buttowski
Other information
Actors Matthew Thomas
Zach Schroeder
Rappers Discord
Ice King
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Discord vs Ice King is the twelfth installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and is the twelfth installment of Season 1. It was released on May 27, 2013. It features King of Ice, Ice King, rapping against Element of Destruction, Discord.


Matthew Thomas as Discord
Zach Schroeder as Ice King


King of ice? What a nerd! You can't even rhyme,
You got beat up by a kid wimp who says Adventure Time.
I took over Ponyville, your ice kingdom is shit, 
I'm like a dragon, you're a pussy wimp bitch!
I'll pwn ya, own ya, and freeze you like the elements did to me,
But I escaped now and I will steal your ice queen.
You're a 1000 year old virgin living with a penguin,
You are a molester and I will win.

Ice King:
At least I'm the king of something, you're a failure at life,
You got beat by a bunch of ponies and got freeze in carbinite.
I'll burn you like the hit man Scorcher!
I'll freeze you up again and make your life a living torture!
I'm the baddest, you're not a dragon!
You're more like a troll because you're hackin!
I'll save Fluttershy from your demise and become the hero,
which you'll never be because you're still on Lesson Zero.

I'm a devil, what are you? A really old wizard?
Ha! What a joke, cut your beard with scissors.
I will make you be mine with the poke of my finger,
Your video diaries suck, you're not a singer.
Did I tell you Marceline sucked my elements of harmony?
You will save yourself with birds cause you are afraid of me.
Wanna get a queen? Join eHarmony,
You're the oldest cluster fucker that I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Nice King:
I'm not the Ice King, I'm the Nice King, which means I am nice,
With my nice knights, Finn and Jake are gonna save my time.
Now i'm the horse, of the most, I will never make my eyes closed,
Looking at you all day, gonna make you annoyed.
Ice King Finn:
What time is it? Adventure Time!
Me and Jake go outside and fight some crime!
Mr Gramblington:
Mr. Gramblington here, cause I heard there was trouble,
Ice King:
Now I'm a banana! Just kidding, I'm Ice King you rebel.


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  • This is one of the five rap battles from Season 1 that were removed from ERBOC's channel.


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