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Chris as he appears in Bravest Warriors.

Chris Kirkman is the one of the rappers who appeared in Chris Kirkman vs Oishi Kawaii. Played by Justin Buckner, Chris is the main character of Cartoon Hangovers' Bravest Warriors created by Pendleton Ward. He battled Oishi Kawaii, Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Jack Krak and Ultra Richard.He has a role in every rap battle featuring a BW character.


Chris Kirkman is the main protagonist in the series Bravest Warriors. He has the most leadership qualities, but his crush on Beth often distracts him. He turns out to be the Emotion Lord's past self.


Chris Kirkman vs Oishi Kawaii (Played by Justin Buckner)

Mabel Pines vs Catbug (Played by Justin Buckner)

Jack Krak vs Danny (Played by Justin Buckner)


Chris Kirkman vs Oishi KawaiiEdit

I'll take you're giggly boobs and send them to outer space,

Put a bag under you're head cause of some butter face.

I'm a cereal master, you're a anime bitch,

I'll destroy you're dog and make you have a giant twitch.

You're dad is just a lazy ass going super sayian,

I'm as powerful as the Hulk, you're as weak as sand.

I'll take a gas powered stick and shove it up you're noodle,

at least Plum is more hotter than you.

Mabel Pines vs CatbugEdit

Chris here about to kick you're ass in fucking fame!

You're so unoriginal cause all you're sweaters are the same!

Smile Dip? More like Shitty Dip, know what I'm saying?

This battle smells like a porn battle I'm creating!

Jack Krak vs DannyEdit

Look at this, we have a fucking dramabug here,

how about you take your drugs, and shove it up your ear.

Jack Krak, ha!

more like Fag Krak, I will stab you with a fucking stick powered by gas.

At the end of this battle, all you will say is "Wowzers!"

your life is a fucking fail like the browser.

Yes, i know i might not get Beth but guess what?

you won't get Princess Sunshine to make out with Grotessa.

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