Cartoon Network vs Nickelodeon was originally the 57th episode of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, and the 24th episode of season 3. Matthew said it was scrapped because " started sounding pretty shit and I had a better idea for the finale." An unfinished audio with Matthew's flow test vocals was released on September 8, 2016 to SoundCloud.


Most of the performances in the audio are flow test recordings by Matthew. The only actors who recorded for this battle are Fel, Anthony, Zander Peers, Frenzy, LillyLeaf, and Liam.


Written by Matthew Thomas, Anthony Perry, Fel, Zack Maloney, B-Lo Lorbes, VinnyO, Yobar, MetalFireVA, and Maple


Announcer (2013):

Welcome to my lab, experimenting on this freak
Came up with a new invention, it's called your defeat!
Representing Cartoon Network, had the best run of them all
You were a mistake, good thing that your show was cancelled

Tremble before Invader Zim, your brand new master
The day your cartoons are good would be a major disaster
Meet the end of my blaster, and you'll all be plastered
You'll remember the day Nick has taken over these cartoon bastards

I'm not toying with this boy, more annoying than Dee Dee
I'm the most clever inventor, you're an alien freak
Your chances of winning is imaginary, so it's clear you'll lose
I'll be choking these boasts until their faces turn Bloo
Lazlo is back, you're in my camp now so turn back
You think anyone care about Nickelodeon, when it is so wack?
You guys are a bunch of chickens, eat you like toast with butter
You could never beat the classics of Cartoon Network!

STOP IT! I CAN'T STAND IT! You're all more irritating than GIR
Since your so called "TV shows" are nothing but pure dirt
Whoa, these losers hit a new low, it's something I can't stand
Doug will make this Funnie by making their shows end
It's Rocko, bringing these rhymes harder than actual rocks
Beat the hell out of a monkey, give me the best you've got
I might be a baby, but you're acting childish, it makes me sick
You should've thought twice before messing with the classics of Nick

It's Finn the Human, about to beat the glob out of you!
So I'll spit rhymes real sick, with my auto tune
No Nick prick could ever beat my mathematical flow
Throw you out of my treehouse, beat you like a game from BMO
You cannot top my crew, it's impossible, you're all rotten
Just like my hat, these cyphers I spit are awesome!
You'll be absorbing your own blood once I take you down
Now let me end this fight with a SHMOWZOW!

Who lives in a pineapple? C'mon, you know the name!
It's SpongeBob SquarePants, the original cartoon in this game
Painty the Pirate:
C'mon kids, sing along!
SpongeBob :
Remember, if you try to step to me,
You'll get slimed and dimed by the sponge under the sea
You're a copy of Link, don't try to take that back
Or I'll leave you Cracked and get sold in the Krusty Krab
I mean how can anyone have F.U.N. watching your show?
All you are is a bunch of Band Geeks who can't spit a good flow

You think you're the real star, like we've heard that before
Looks like y'all need to learn your lesson, now here comes more
Rhymin' all the time, 'cause it's our regular lives
Like with Muscle Man's gut, we'll have these Nicktoons fried
Welcome to my Amazing World where you'll get your asses owned
To create these abominations, you must have been stoned
You might be the first network for cartoons, but we're still the best
We'll fuse to give a bruise to these loser that don't make sense
Slice you in half, my disses shape at my will, you see
I'm a rapping king, you guys have no chance against me!
Suck on these gumballs, you're not going anywhere
We're Cartoon Network, and we won this fair and square!

Are you CN what I'm seeing? I'll chop you like a blacker belt!
The best time to wear a striped sweater is when we take CN to hell!
We've been frosty freezy freezing disses since 1977
I'll kill these fails like how Mordecai's uncle went to heaven
Hi friends, it's the best kind of blue bird! Harvey Beaks!
I love Cartoon Network fools with my mint chocolate chip ice cream
We're the cartoons that kick butt, you losers best be afraid
They must be insane if they think they'll win against Sanjay
We'll radically beat you, call us the Drastic Radicals!
My rhymes are sharp like a fan, boy, you won't survive at all
Look at these cartoonatics trying to act like my friend
Just like your comedy, Cartoon Network is dead!

Hey guys, guess what, I know what we're gonna do today!
Destroy these cartoon loners, but first, let us explain
Get back under the sea, because your voice is unbearable
You might lose this battle like your laugh, if you're not too careful!
I'll take you over Yonder, you're all goners, this'll be your final day
I'll take something out of my hat that'll send you far away!
I battle the forces of evil, so you four will end at last
Watch me and Marco take you down with my Narwhal Blast
Hey, I wonder where Perry is. You'll be hiding from his attack
You winning is surely a mystery, which is obviously not a fact
Disney's where it's at, we're gonna make you all crack
We're the king of cartoons, you're nothing but copy cats!

Twilight Sparkle:
Just stop all this fighting, and hand the mic to the Hub friends
Whose shows are now representing universal trends
You guys are pissing me off, why are you even here?!
All of you are generic, while we're the top tier
We have shows that have better ratings than all of Nick's new shows
My music makes the crowd pumping up, so you better go
It's Lucky and I'm lucky to take the mic and Pound you now
Take your bubbles, swords, journals, wands, and get out
Twilight Sparkle:
Steven, you may have powers, but they won't compare to these elements
Phineas, your show sucks! WHO EVEN CARES WHERE PERRY IS?!
A big tip is like your victory, it's not coming to you
You should've discovered that Discovery Family has better toons!

Rip these into more than One Piece, this should be Fun-imation
Battling should be easy when it comes to these failed creations
Spitting this Naruto-flow, gonna leave you freaks shaking
You would need to clone yourself to get your shows good ratings
Yugi Muto:
It's time to duel! Against toons who think they're entertaining
You fell under my trap, now I'm the king of rapping
Edward Elric:
Bringing Full Metal pain, don't cross this Alchemist
Hitting you harder than our huge anime epidemic
I could kick you out of this from a mile away
I got nine tails and claws that'll leave you slayed
Yami Yugi:
Topping all of your toons with just a trading card game
Move over cartoons, let anime take the TV reigns!

Feel the wrath of this cat, been around since the 60's
It's ashamed our shows are over, and replaced with these hippies
Papa Smurf:
This Smurf rehearsed, so that you're coming in last
Beat you up fast with a Smurf hat, gonna get the last laugh!
I'll Scooby-Dooby diss you out, and reward myself with some Scooby Snacks
I may be frighted a lot, but in this rap, Scooby will attack
We'll be rockin' on this mic, hitting you with Boomerangs!
You rock heads actually thought you had a chance? Heh, what a shame
Spitting disses sharper than my claws, there's nothing you can do
Call me Spike the Dog, 'cause I'll take you down and you'll be through
Papa Smurf:
You smurfed up CN, now I'll be Gargamel on all of you!
You're gonna fail like Clumsy here, leaving you a bruise
The mystery is how you idiots in disguise are gonna win this
This dog's going bark and all bite, ripping apart all your disses
Your show is 4Kids, while our is for many ages
We've taken the crown, and left all your shows decaying!


Who won?

The poll was created at 00:15 on January 11, 2017, and so far 36 people voted.


  • A preview for this battle was shown in the video Another Set of ERBOC Season 3 Previews! It featured Dexter's, Gumball's and Steven's parts.
    • In the preview, Steven was played by Roland instead of Matthew. It is unknown why Matthew took Roland's place as the voice of Steven.
  • This battle doesn't include the "Who Won?" bit at the end of the battle, similar to each of the Epic Rap Battles of History Season finales.
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