Captain Planet vs Ms. Frizzle. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 3

Captain Planet vs Ms. Frizzle. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 3.

Captain Planet vs Ms. Frizzle
Battle information
Release date August 15, 2014
Number 36
Length 2:19
Previous Johnny Bravo vs Quagmire
Next Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny
Other information
Actors MaNCHA
Matthew Thomas
Rappers Captain Planet
Ms. Frizzle
Steven Universe
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Captain Planet vs Ms. Frizzle is the thirty-sixth installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and is the third installment of Season 3. It was released on August 15, 2014. It features planet superhero Captain Planet rapping against magical teacher Ms. Frizzle.

Cast and creditsEdit

MaNCHA as Captain Planet
Miss4yo as Ms. Frizzle
Matthew Thomas as Steven Universe

Written by Matthew Thomas, Fel, Anthony Perry, and Zack
Beat produced by Allrounda Beats
Battle mixed by Matthew Thomas
Subtitles by Matthew Thomas


Captain Planet:
My name is Captain Planet, I’m the king of the environment
This crazy bitch is so old, she should go on retirement
Drive your magic bus outta here, or this super clean super hero will hit ya
Your show is just like your rapping Frizzle, it’s pure litter
Been saving the world from dirt, while you drive into kids mouths
Teach this to your students, as I show you what “recycling” is all about
This captain is about to show this insane teacher some pain
Tell me what you have to say, before I wash out this stain

Ms. Frizzle:
Hold on children, we’re in for a bumpy ride
Ms. Frizzle decides to put learning aside
To dis out this thong wearing bastard, we won’t need seat belts
I’m gonna win this battle, I couldn't have said it better myself!
You say you’re all mighty, when you’re not the captain of the planet
I’ll run over you with my magic school bus, so can it!
I won't be so ego friendly to this pedophilic clown
As I always say… Nothing is gonna take me down

Captain Planet:
Let our powers combine, it’s time we finish this off this wannabe
It’s clear you’re the worse bitch in space in cartoon history
I’ll use all my might to wipe away this disgrace
Why don’t you shrink yourself again, so I won’t have to see your face

Ms. Frizzle:
Compared to real superheroes, your powers don’t do squat
This twat has a worse plot, with more spots and dots than my top
Keep your spandex, for my complex disses will leave you to rust
I don’t have time for this, time to ride the Magic School Bus!

Steven Universe:
It’s me Steven Universe! Look at my name and give some respect
Or I’ll pollute your two assholes, and leave you both wrecked
I’ll use the power of my gem to end you two for good
This won’t be a fun trip Ms. Friz, let this be understood
CP?, you’re not a hero, considering you can’t handle this
Take all your low existence of this planet, Captain Planet
Frizzle, after my verse, you’ll be riding in a hearse
And now, I think it’s time that you get out of Steven’s Universe


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