Rap MeaningsEdit


Welcome to the fosters home of imaginary friends,

(Bloo is welcoming Wander to where he and his friends/other imaginary friends live.)

My show was best rated, and this will be your end.

(Bloo's show (Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends) was best rated, and this will be Wander's end.)

You being in love with Berry will be your final destination,

(In the episode, Berry Scary, Berry was in love with Bloo and it was trouble for him.)

You’re gonna win this battle, HA! that’s your imagination.

(Bloo makes a pun on his own show's name on Wander thinking he won't win.)

You’re more fucking stupider and annoying than Cheese,

(Cheese was a character in FHFIF and he was stupid and annoying, as of Wander.)

Wander has the best rhymes in the world? HA! PLEASE!

(Bloo thinks Wander does not have the best rhymes in the world.)

What would Wander do? would he surrender or continue,

(When Wander Over Yonder was released, the commercials always asked "what would Wander do?", example being here.

I think he’ll surrender cause he can’t handle rhymes by bloo!

(Bloo thinks he will surrender because he can not handle rhymes spit out by Bloo.)


What? you’re telling me this blue eraser is gonna win this battle,

(Bloo looks like a blue eraser, and he does not think he will win the battle.)

I don’t think so, instead i’ll make your imaginary brain rattle.

(Wander is saying he will make his his imaginary brain rattle, hence him being a imaginary friend.)

I could get my friend Sylvia to stomp your ass,

(His friend, Sylvia, is pretty much like Rainbow Dash and Buttercup; tough.)

and then I set you on fire, this blue dust is trash.

(As of a blue eraser, Bloo also looks like blue dust, and he is trash.)

Your best friend is a gay kid in elementary,

(Bloo's friend Mac is in elementary.)

your show is the worst cartoon in the century.

(Wander thinks FHFIF is the worst cartoon in the century.)

I’m not sure if the house is full of imaginary friends or someone’s shroom trip,

(Fosters looks like someones stroom trip, as of what Wander said.)

I’m wander, you’re blue, this is over you fucking bitch.

(Bloo is blue and Wander is himself, and the first verses are over.)


Nice hat, orange gay bearded version of cat in the hat,

(Bloo is telling Wader "nice hat" starcasticly, and calling him a gay (which meant happy back in the day; of which Wander is always) bearded version of "Cat In The Hat".)

Mac will kick your ass, this episode will make kids laugh.

(Mac is Bloo's best friend and creator. Bloo is saying that he will kick Wander's ass (butt) and that episode will make the kids watching Foster's laugh at it.)

Wilt would beat you in 300 games of basketball,

(Bloo is saying that Wilt, who is one of Bloo's friends who plays basketball, would beat Wander in 300 games of basketball.)

and don’t you forget I will win this fucking rap brawl.

(Bloo is saying that he better not forget he is winning this "rap brawl".)

Coco will coco you until you appear in a coffin,

(Coco is a character in Fosters who always says "coco" and she will do that until Wander appears in a coffin.)

your show is for kids on downs, that’s why you get no loving.

(Bloo is saying Wander's show Wander Over Yonder is for kids on downs (which is why Wander is so happy all of the time) and that is why he gets no loving.)

Me kicking your ass will be big on the world wide wabbit,

(Bloo is saying that him kicking Wander's ass will be big on the world wide wabbit.)

now go and spit your second verse cause i’ve just about had it.

(Bloo is saying for Wander to split his second verse because Bloo has just about had it.)


I’m sorry if this is a spoiler but you’re about to fucking lose,

(Wander is saying that he is sorry if this is a spoiler, but Bloo is about to lose.)

Who won? i think it is an easy choice to choose.

(At the end of each battle, the announcer says "Who Won?", and Wander is saying it is an easy choice to chose (hence breaking the fourth wall). Wander is the second character to make a "Who Won" statement, the first being Princess Bubblegum.)

You’re a hater, but me? i’m actually friendly,

(Bloo in Fosters has always been shown a hater, but Wander is actually friendly.)

at the end of this, you’ll be fucking D-E-A-D.

(Wander is aying that at the end of this battle, Bloo will be dead.)

Blooregard Q. Kazoo, nice name there fag,

(Blooregard Q. Kazoo is Bloo's full name. Wander is saying that it is a nice name sarcasticly, as well as calling him a faggot.)

you’re a trouble-making, immature, and jealous douchebag.

(In Fosters, Bloo has always been shown to be a trouble maker, immature and jealous.)

Your creator quitted CN to be my creator,

(Wander is saying that his creator, Craig McCracken, left Cartoon Network (Where Fosters aired) to be his creator on Disney Channel. He created other cartoons on Cartoon Network as well such as The Powerpuff Girls.)

now that this battle is done, i’m out, later hater!

(Later Hater is Wander's catchprase in the show, "Wander Over Yonder". He says it to Lord Hater, a character in that show. He also called Bloo a hater in a way. Also, Bloo and Lord Hater have the same voice actor.)

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