Look at me battle GIR, who’s trying to be a SIR,

(He wants you look at him rapping against gir, who is trying to act grown-up)

but instead, he’s being a HIR and a DIR.

Don't you know, I'm the one and only BMO,

I have the most flow so I just wanted to let you know

that i’m a game console, electric outlet, iPod, and a camera,

alarm clock, toaster, flash and strobelight, and a video player.

You are invader zim’s bitch, so suck my joystick,

I just got a high score rapping against you prick.


Just call me Professer Oak, cause I don’t know if your a boy or girl,

cause for fucking god sake, your stupid show makes me hurl.

You really think you're worth shit, dude give me a break,

you're just a talking game console who gets played by Finn and Jake.

I'm actually useful but you just sit on your game ass all day

My show is the best while your show is turning out lame.

I'm the greatest GIR, you're just trouble,

Hell, the only relationship you have is with a fucking bubble!


It’s time to kick some robot ass cause it’s adventure time,

let’s play a new game called “Battle of Rhymes”.

It won’t be 8-bit anymore, it’ll be 8-beats,

it is so easy to win, so I don’t need any cheats.

You are such a mistake, wait no your show is a mistake,

you’ll be eaten like how the bear ate Finn’s cupcakes,

My name is BMO, and I’m gonna win this battle,

and the reason why you didn’t is because you always diddly daddle.


I'm insane! I'm cute, I'll blast your brains,

Mad smart, I'm GIR-eat! My rapping level's insane.

Adventure Time? that’s all you have to say?

Just call me the gamer, cause you just got played.

I don’t find you scary, and nobody else will,

what is wrong with Finn anyway, did he take a ecstasy pill?

This battle is done, just like you are you dick,

now let me finish you off fast and slick.