Spongebob:I`m ready to destroy you!Oh yes,that is true!When i`m done your gonna STAY in the blue!Your dumber than patrick and more grumpy than squidward,and if we compared you to sandy,you`d be the bigger nerd!Your little Gary was love galore!But know your here,i`m not so sure!The Pizza Parlor over here sure is batty!I`ll make sure you don`t get a single Krabby Patty!

Aunt Artic:Ain`t that cute?a little rappin happy-go lucky!PHSYCE!Heres a coin to call your mommy!Your working at a burger joint,so your lifes practicly wasted!I`m the hotshot,heck i`m the most known girl on the island!Mr Krabs will fire you for not rapping real good!And Plankton will vaporise you,like you really should!What you said about the pizza parlor was pretty dumb!But a little known fact 'bout your patty,IT TASTES LIKE CHUM!!!

Spongebob:Lady,you should of stayed in bed!Trust me,this ain`t gonna be F.U.N!I can master KAH-RAH-TAE!What on earth is Card-Jitsu?Trading card battles,that sounds exactly like poo!You may be the Director,but your still a loser!Heck,you can only be seen by a Club Penguin User!Little puffles you have don`t stand a chance!You gonna win this thing or just sit and glance!

Aunt Artic:My names Aunt Artic,take my picture!But even if it was on yours,i wouldn`t check your tumblr!Why don`t you head home and watch Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy!Which by the way was made for kids with toys!Blow some bubbles into my face,but if i got in my eyeballs,i wouldn`t feel any pain!I`m the best dang rapper that i don`t a mic!Why don`t you Ask Aunt Artic,Why you so perfect!?




Cartoon rap battle spongebob vs aunt artic by addy1235-d5vx88p

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