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Ash Ketchum vs Taichi Kamiya
The Soundcloud Cover Art
Battle information
Release date August 4th 2015
Number 47
Length 2:31
Previous Randy Marsh vs Homer Simpson
Next Corey Riffin vs Marceline
Other information
Actors HyperJacob96
The Aussie-can
Rappers Ash Ketchum
Taichi Kamiya
I'll take you off the air like that seizure inducing episode!
— Taichi Kamiya
Ash Ketchum vs Taichi Kamiya is the fourty-seventh installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and is the fourteenth installment of Season 3.


HyperJacob96 as Ash Ketchum
The Aussie-can as Taichi Kamiya
Fel as Pikachu
Frenzy as Agumon


Taichi Kamiya:
Ash Ketchum? You’re the one who’s trying to “catch em all” right?
Well I’m a digidestined tamer who doesn’t back down from a fight
How does it feel even Pataman would do away with your pokemon
A flap of his wings and to your side, they all run
I’ve got true heart! I’m the crest of courage, I’ll make you hurt
Listen to you? I’d rather listen to another Etemon concert
I’m the best tamer there is, no other generation could top me
If we’re so similar, I guess you’re the real copy!

Ash Ketchum:
I’ve seen bigger threats than you from things that fit in my pocket
Battle with me and I’ll leave you blasting off like Team Rocket
You know things are going to get serious when I flip my cap
Lowering your stats with rap, don’t you dare try to attack back
You’re DigiDestined to meet your defeat, don’t try to retreat
In the end you’ll end up like Gary; crying at my feet
I thought I saw improvement in you, but instead, you just suck
Get out of this battle ‘cause your voice is as annoying as Angela

Taichi Kamiya:
You’re still 10 years old after all these years? Grow up Ketchum
C’mon Agumon, Let’s teach this Ash-hole a lesson!
Got so much heat and flow, ya know, I don’t mean to boast
But you swear my rhymes came straight from a volcano
When I warp digivolve, you’d better find some cover
Because when terra-force hits, you’d better run back to your mother
Got a family of friends, and a pepper breath to win it all
In the end you’ll turn to dust like Venommyotismon

Ash Ketchum:
You’ve made a wrong turn! Now it’s my turn to shock you
Let’s show this kid how we do it in Kanto! Go Pikachu!
Get shocked, Pikachu! Electric disses that’ll own
Cause’ when I get on the mic I spit harder than a thunderstone
I rock when I drop these blocks of rap so hot
You couldn’t have seen this comin’ cause you as blind as Brock
You’re not welcome in Pallet Town, flee to your digital realm
You’re being outsized, so go and Digi-F*ck yourself!

Taichi Kamiya:
Not even on a D-3 could was a threat be detected
You need more training, ‘cause your pet wasn’t effective
Like your mother, soon you’ll have no friends and be all alone
I’ll take you off the air, like that seizure inducing episode

Ash Ketchum:
I’ve traveled all across the land to become the best trainer in the world
While your show isn’t even worth a Diamond or a Pearl
You’ll be X’ed out and wonder Y you couldn’t stop my Master Quest
I might not be in the games, but I’ll always be the very best!


Who Won?

The poll was created at 19:50 on May 10, 2016, and so far 8 people voted.


Coming Soon!


  • In the soundcloud version Fel's Pikachu vocals are pitched with audition, this was changed in the video.
  • This is the second battle that has the word "fuck" censored.


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