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Lyrics for Mabel Pines vs Catbug 2 (this is for you Matthew Picciotto)

Time for round two, Mabel, I hope you are a fast reactor,
Want a rematch with me? Well, unpack your own factor!
Bugger off, ya bugs! All five of us got the Style
All four of you got warrants as domestic pedophiles! 
Gravity Falls is the commotion 'cross the ocean, 
I thought you're dead, we keep things in motion!
there are 2 problems here, and we are the solvers,
We'll shoot you down like Danny, with a lyrical revolver.
This is a rematch, between you and me
U MAD SIS? I'll turn you into meat!
You can't handle my swag, don't you ever forget
I'm the most fly swatter, just crushed these insects
Mabel Pines:
My name is Mabel, it rhymes with Table,
it also rhymes with Glable, it also rhymes with Schmable.
You gotta choose, fool, give up or maybe try to improve,
You think you're the big hit news when you literally copy our moves?
On the fame mountain we're still climbing, While you're horrible at rhyming,
Catbug, I will devour you like a lion, better call Big Papa Simon!
Your horrible songs keep me up at night, your lyrics suck, as usual
There's One Thing I gotta say, these buttbuddies aren't beautiful.
If i fight you in my new tape, it would be called Mabel's Guide to Partying,
We're the greatest, while you're the gay Sev'ral Times version
Welcome to the Mystery Shack, you don't have any bells
If you already got out of here, then you Gravity fell
Who the hell are Dipper Pines and Grunkle Stan?
You and those bitches against us? No comparison!
Screw old geyser, your own time is done!
Quit making me piss off and don't let us get the fuck outta here!
Your tapes are really FAKE! Just re-hash, Mabel!
You wouldn't make me sitting on a table!
Yeah, don't let us fuck up and start screaming YOLO!
But nothing will stop you guys from being extremely homo!
Your videos are cancerous, unlike my lyrical gore.
Your fans leave you abandoned, nobody loves you anymore
It's the end for you, Mabel, You shouldn't made me piss!
All for you if you hit, but none for you when you MISS!
Mabel Pines:
Oh my gosh, you have a bad rhyme!
I don't even like a rip-off of Adventure Time!
Fuck you, Catbug! I'd rather watch My Little Pony!
You are just a retard who acts like a phony.
Dipper Pines:
This is Gravity Falls, guess what? Do you fell?
if i could say that i got kidnaped, i still can’t even tell.
My hat looks like a normal one, you don't have any hat,
I’m still wondering, are you and Chris doing that?
Mabel Pines:
We gotta say some of our lyrical gore!
Dipper Pines:
Our fans are still here, nobody hates us anymore!
Mabel Pines:
Round 2 is over, Catbug! Here's our last line!
Mabel and Dipper:
If you get an F, you're gonna have a bad time!
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